Three HOUR private INTENSIVE+ 1 Hour Follow Up


Powerful one-on-one private Intensive with Lana to find out what holds you back from living your highest potential in love and life.

We will focus on a specific problem in your relationship or personal life to discover what needs to be changed to unblock your energy, release emotional charge and discover your inner truth.

I will assist you in finding a way to get unstuck, see your blind spots and move forward on your path.


  • Brief Soul Package for you to fill in so I can get to know you before our session

  • Three hour Intensive via Skype

  • 60 minute follow-up session

  • Two weeks of support via email

    WHat we can focus on?

  • Energetic Closure with your ex: psycho-energetic process that we’ll help you let go of past lovers and energetic connection with them that holds you back from living your life and finding a new love.

  • Understanding Soul Agreements, Karmic Connections and finding the right place for those people who are not meant to be your life partners in this lifetime. Awareness is the most important step when you want to integrate hard love lessons, liberate yourself from toxic patterns and live in your power while having a place for compassion & forgiveness for those ones who hurt you.

  • Gaining clarity about your present relationships and how to overcome the challenge you are struggling in your relationship now. What is going on behind the scenes? What is the energetic pattern behind your story? We’ll focus on revealing your blind spots so you become aware what steps to take to heal your relationship.

  • Igniting the spark and deepening your intimacy with your partner if you feel disconnected, bored & mundane in your relationship. The distance between you and your partner will grow if you don’t investigate on deeper reasons and learn how to sustain passionate and deep relationship that lasts.

  • Discovering how you subconsciously repel true and passionate love when the opportunity shows up. Why do you end up disappointed and heartbroken even if it feels exciting and right at the beginning?

  • Working on jealousy and its deep roots within your psyche. Why does it drive you crazy and why you attract men who trigger this feeling in you?

Investment: $950


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