Empowered Women's Club

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            Full Moon & Sacred Feminine Space

with Lana Elco &Brandi Lewis

Thursday, August 15

6:00 - 9:00 pm

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Join us for our August Circle at Empowered Women’s Club to celebrate summer, Feminine power and soulful connection. 

August 15 is a Full Moon. It is a perfect time for us women to get together, share our truth, release old energies and patterns and create a Sacred Feminine Space.

We are committed to support women at all levels in different areas of life. We believe all of us women need an authentic “behind the scenes” support.

Struggling alone with so many challenges of life and thinking that you can’t share it with others because it will ruin your success and professional image? We are here to change it. We are here to create a healing space for you where you can relax, breathe, emotionally rejuvenate and connect with other powerful women on the heart level.

Brandi Lewis is our presenter this month. She will speak about how to make your home a creative and sacred space.

Many of us use retreats and vacations to escape away from our home routine. But we still spend so much time at our home with our loved ones. Have you ever thought about bringing the sacredness and healing into your own home?

Brandi Lewis is an expert in this area and her work is very unique! Imagine, waking up in your own sacred space feeling inspired, supported and motivated to create! Imagine that everything is working smoothly to support your inspiration and creativity. Imagine, feeling relaxed and nurtured in your home space…

We’ll get together around the fire in the circle. We’ll burn stuff that doesn’t serve us anymore. We’ll connect with our bodies and practice some healing rituals.

You will also have an opportunity to mingle and connect with other women before the official part of the even starts. We provide delicious organic food and drinks.

Reach out if you are interested to become our future presenter and inspire women with your message!

Schedule: Thursday, August 15
6.00 - 9:00 pm
Organizers: Brandi Lewis & Lana Elco
Registration: $20.00

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Contact info: Lana@LanaElcoCoaching.com

Lana Elco: 202-340-4255


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723 W 1800 N, Orem, UT 84057