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Become An Empowered Woman & A Confident Leader In Your Relationships, Intimacy & Life

• Own your Power & become an unapologetic RECEIVER. 

• Befriend ALL your emotions. They are fuel for your desires.

• Create sacred space to deepen emotional, physical & spiritual intimacy with your    partner. 

• Break free from limiting family patterns.

• Finally be HEARD & Understood in your relationship.

• Trust your Feminine, receive inner guidance without double guessing yourself.

• Relax, Surrender & be magnetic to your own heart desires.

• Develop intimate leadership skills & transform lives of your beloved ones. 

Intimate leadership is a new transformational way to lead and create from the place of your Feminine Power.

Women are powerful leaders who serve Life instead of dry results and bring everything to oneness. Women are natural leaders in the area of Relationships, Intimacy and Emotions.

Join Us & Learn How To...

• Balance your feminine and masculine and trust your Feminine more,
• Develop intimate leadership skills and lead from your Feminine,
• Become an empowered woman and consistently live from that place,
• Create relationship with your partner and be a confident unapologetic leader in your romantic life,
• Navigate your own emotions and make them serve you instead of torture you,
• Release fears, self-doubt, and unworthiness in relationship with your man,
• Break free from your family patterns,
• REALLY understand the difference between male and female psyche and guide your partner to explore deeper levels of intimacy
• Create safe emotional container for your partner to open up, share his feelings and finally HEAR you,
• Guide him into intimate space with love and compassion so he can overcome his fear of intimacy and vulnerability and unblock his emotions,
• Stop pleasing others and be deeply comfortable with who you are and your own vulnerabilities,
• RECEIVE Love, support and attention without feeling guilty or rushing to pay back,
• Apply tantric practices to thrive in your intimate life and relationships,
• Be intimate with yourself and your own desires,
• Allow intimate connection on all levels: sexual, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual,
• Manifest your emotional energy and heart desires into real life.


Feminism did not change the patriarchal system, instead it adapted to it. Women became powerful in a masculine way. 


The Feminine was oppressed for thousands and thousands of years because of its transformational power. The key quality of this power is intuition. It comes from our direct connection to the Divine, the Universe. That is why it can’t be controlled or manipulated. 



Empowered Woman is the leader in the area of RELATIONSHIPS, INTIMACY & EMOTIONS



197.00 297.00
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10 am - 7 pm



DeLuxe Private Residence in Draper, Utah



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