Signature Program

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My Signature Coaching Program is designed for:

Women who want to create Authentic & Lasting Relationship with the right man from the place of their Feminine Power.


I don't teach "tricks" on how to catch a great man and keep him. I believe when you are in your truth and power, you will know how to connect and grow with the man you choose to be with. This is creating from an empowered place.

We are all different. There is no right or wrong. It is not about what you say or do. It is about the ENERGY behind it. When you are radiant, confident and empowered most men will be drawn to you... and it is up to you to choose who you want to be with and how.

My innate gift is to SEE your power and help you activate it. The psychology behind healthy and lasting relationship is important but secondary. We'll work on it as well. But YOU are the priority!

My coaching approach is for women who want to be consistently empowered, work on themselves, make their own decisions, transform their old patterns and create relationship with the right man the way they truly desire.

Believe me, you do have the power to transform your own life, relationship and even the life of your man. Because we, women, are the leaders in the area of intimacy, love, feelings and relationships. This is who we are. And we need to own it!

Transformational Coaching requires taking full responsibility for your own life & taking an action.

If you choose to be confident, empowered, authentic and creative in your relationship, my coaching program is for YOU.

If you do not want to give in, be single for the rest of your life or tolerate unsatisfying relationships but instead you are ready to do everything possible to activate your Feminine Power, become a wise leader in your romantic life and abundantly RECEIVE your man’s love, then my program is for YOU.

When you start living from the place of true Feminine power, the Universe delivers an equally Empowered Masculine for you to co-create together. 



Stepping out of the mainstream paradigm  

This is how we usually imagine romantic love stories to begin. It starts the moment you meet Mr. Right... or does it? I invite you to take a different approach. It is NOT a mainstream path. It involves more internal personal work that a lot of people are not willing to do. I invite you to start creating your own relationship based on your heart desires now. 

You’ ll start creating your relationship BEFORE you meet the right man. You’ll gain clarity what YOU truly desire and what kind of relationship works best for you. 

It is 1-on-1 coaching program so you will receive my absolute attention and support.

We’ll take a look at your Love Story and what holds you back from choosing the right partner and creating the relationship you truly desire. We’ll work on your limiting beliefs, fears and relationship patterns and transform them into empowered way of being. We’ll work on your liberation and find the way to let go of everything that does not serve you anymore.

We’ll dig deep into your secret dreams about Love and discover what exactly you want your love partner to be like, how you want to love and be loved and what kind of relationship model you want to design for yourself.

We’ll work on transforming your fears and doubts into unapologetic confidence, grounded authenticity and unlimited Feminine power. You will learn how to FEEL better in your own skin, stay centered in your inner truth and not to give in to external conditions and social judgements.

You’ll learn to FEEL freer and happier in all areas of your life. 

Imagine! BECOMING a woman you are born to be, deeply enjoying being yourself and voicing your Truth unapologetically. 

Imagine what kind of Empowered Man you can attract when you become that woman!

Watch my video to get inspired & create a powerful intention for 2019!

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What is included in the program?

  • Initial 2 hour Skype Intensive to start up, identify the area of our work together, focus on your goals and create a safe, trust-based space for your breakthrough experience.

  • 12 90 min Skype sessions with me over the course of 3 months.

  • Welcome Packet for you to fill out so I can learn more about you, your story and your challenges to better serve you during the program. Welcome Packet can also help you to sink into the program and become more aware of the areas you want to work on.

  • Preparation Packet to help you create space and time for your transformational work.

  • Breakthrough workbooks integrated in each module to guide you through your transformational process, to assist your with your emotional challenges and provide a foundation for a deeper self-inquiry.

  • Meditations and exercises to help you develop regular psycho-spiritual practices, self-care and a support system.

  • Bonus 1. Module on Toxic Relationship Patterns and Transforming them.

How to identify and transform Toxic Relationship Patterns into conscious loving and transparent communication with your partner. Video Training on “Toxic Relationship Patterns and Transforming them”.

  • Bonus 2. Guided Meditations Packet

  • Bonus 3. Personal Feminine Archetype Chart & in-depth review

  • MEGA BONUS: One Day 1-on-1 Luxury Destination Intensive (Value: $3000). You can plan a trip to meet in person combining TRAVEL, LUXURY & ACCELERATED PERSONAL GROWTH. Or You can use this time working with me through Skype or Zoom!

  • Email Access: I will get back to you within 48 hours to any questions regarding life or relationship situation and provide information you need to move forward.

  • Text Access: My personal phone number for calls and texts when you may be stuck, have an emergency or need a boost in the moment.

  • Free gifts such as new videos, articles, meditations, etc.

  • Pay in Full Bonus - 90 min Emergency Coaching Session ( if you pay in full )


The Curriculum of the Program


What are you going to discover, learn & apply?

Before we start our work together you’ll receive a Welcome Packet with questions so I can get to know you, learn about your challenges and desires. You will have at least 1 week to fill it in and send it back to me.

The Welcome Packet will help you to better understand your own story and goals. As well as help me understand your situation, give you maximum support and provide you with the best service possible based on your personal goals and needs.

Before we start I’ll also send you a Preparation Package to help you create enough time and space for your transformational work and get a glimpse of what's ahead. 

This program is a conscious investment of time, energy and money into yourself and your relationship. It is important that you give it maximum commitment and focus to achieve the most desirable results. 

If you follow the program and do the inner work, you can discover a massive shortcut to accessing your Feminine power and the quality of love life you did not dare to dream about.

I strongly believe that we can always get what we want if we are committed to doing the work, consistent and focused.

You’ll receive 12 Modules that include Transformational Workbooks. Each Workbook includes questions to explore, self-inquiry, different exercises and practices to support your transformational process. Some of the modules also include Guided Meditations.


module 1:

“Getting Clear on Your Desires”

In this first module you’ll gain clarity of what you truly want in your relationship and what kind of man you desire to meet. It is all about discovering what your true heart’s desires are and discerning them from ideas adopted from your social environment. We all have inauthentic ideas of what we should want based on the values provided by our culture and education. It is time to take a look inside and find out what resonates with your heart and what does not. Living somebody’s else dreams is NO FUN! 


“Clearing The Path: Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs”

In the second module we’ll start to identify what exactly holds you back from living your true heart's desires and creating the love relationship you've always wanted. By looking deep inside yourself, you'll start to gain awareness of why you keep attracting the wrong men into your life and why your relationships are not working. You’ll become more aware of the limiting beliefs you've adopted from your social and cultural environment and how they block your path to happiness and fulfillment. We’ll find out what your triggers are and how you may automatically react in response to them. We’ll explore such themes as TRUST, RESPONSIBILITY, INNER TRUTH & SELF-DECEPTION, JEALOUSY, etc.


“Shadow Work: Revealing your Habitual Patterns, Blind Spots & Blockages”

In the third module we’ll revise your love story through the prospective of your fears, doubts, blind spots and habitual patterns. This is a very important piece here. There is NO WAY you can move forward with your desires and dreams if you do not clean your inner space from what's depleting your energy and the excuses created by fears and doubts. At the end of this module you’ll feel freer, liberated and empowered to utilize your energy and passion to live your dream love life. You’ll start to transform your life and relationship patterns to get a fresh start. 


“Emotional Mastery: Integrating Your Transformation Into Daily Life.”

In the fourth module you'll begin to integrate everything you've learned so far in your daily life, get unstuck in your love life and let go of everything that does not serve you. You’ll also start sink into a new empowered way of being and build a better support system for yourself. You’ll learn how to stay in a high vibrational flow consistently and unfold your highest potential in love and life.


“Stepping Into Your Feminine Power & Mastering 'Receiving'”

In the fifth module you’ll discover what it means to be in your power the feminine way, what is the difference between Feminine and Masculine power and how to cultivate the Empowered Feminine inside yourself. Being in your Feminine Power will help you to attract the right man who is in his true Masculine power. We’ll work on self-esteem, self-love, confidence, unapologetic self-acceptance, personal boundaries, receiving states, etc.


“Empowered Masculine: Molding Uour Ideal Man”

In the sixth module you’ll discover the qualities of your soulmate and how you want to be loved. You’ll get clarity on what the Empowered Masculine means and how to attract him into your life. It is basically creating your ideal man in your imagination. You’ll learn to practice honesty and authenticity within yourself and with your ideal partner.


“Designing Your own Relationship Model”

The seventh module is all about your own relationship model you want to create with the right man.  We’ll work with you Feminine Archetype and identify what works for you the best in your relationships and how you want to be loved. We’ll explore different levels of intimacy such as physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy, intellectual connection, mutual support and safety in relationships. You’ll become aware of what values, desires, goals and interests you want to share with your partner. 


“Sexually Empowered  Woman”

The eighth module's name speaks for itself. We’ll dive deep into the theme of sexual intimacy and the sexual desires you want to fulfill with your partner. You’ll learn how to run your sexual energy and always feel attractive and activated. You’ll learn several powerful Tantric techniques to become more confident and skillful in your sexual life. It is important to understand what you want your sexual life to be in order to manifest it into reality and be fulfilled and happy in your relationship. 


“Dating: Fun & Challenge”

This ninth module is all about moving towards action plan, diving into real life situations and start going on dates. I’ll share everything I know about dating with you, including both online and offline dating. I’ll provide you with maximum support, give you valuable tips, check in with you before and after your dating adventures. This is your field work and it is time to explore the opportunities and have fun. You can start applying everything you've learned and transformed with real people.


“How to Recognize Your Soulmate & What to Do Next?”

Dating can be both exciting and frustrating. Sometimes you can feel exhausted after multiple unsuccessful dates and start to feel down again. I’ll help you to bring yourself back to high vibration, excitement and fun. In this module you’ll work on developing a better feeling of what is right and what is wrong for you so you do not waste your time and energy on seeing men who are not your potential life partners. You can still go out and have fun, of course. But you’ll be able to clearly discern what is serious and what is not. 


“Empowered Woman’s Self-Care & Support System”

In order to be in your feminine power and live your highest potential you do need a sustainable self-care and support system in your daily life. I’ll share all my secrets about beauty, body care, emotional health and balance, regular psycho-spiritual practices to keep you centered and grounded, social and community support. I’ll be happy to provide you with efficient techniques and modalities to release your emotions in a healthy way to stay energized and invigorated. I’ll teach you simple ways of how to get out of low moods, doubts and fears. Also how to overcome frustration, process emotional pain and avoid dropping into automatic reactive modes.


“Work Summary: Your Insights, Breakthroughs & Spots of Resistance”

We’ll wrap up and take a look at all your achievements within these 3 months. What has been done and transformed, what kind of breakthroughs you've had, what started to shift in your daily life and how to continue your transformational journey. We’ll also focus on resistance spots that you still have and develop a strategy of how to work on it. I can also help you to develop a plan for your future work to maximize your results. 


“Toxic Relationship Patterns & How to Transform Them”

As a Bonus, you’ll get a free access to the additional module “Toxic Relationship Patterns  and How to Transform Them” & two 45 min video training. This training is about in-depth work on negative relationship patterns we all develop with every partner when the honey moon period of the relationship is over. This work is insightful and liberating. It is designed for couples but it is very beneficial to learn how we all develop toxic patterns in our relationships and what we can do to change them. 


Guided Meditation Pack. 


Personal Feminine Archetype Chart with valuable tips & guidelines.

+mega BONUs:

One Day Luxury Destination Private Intensive:

If you are not interested in traveling, we can instead do Skype / Zoom sessions.


Email Access & Support

I will get back to you within 48 hours to any questions regarding life or relationship situation and provide information you need to move forward.

+Pay in full BONUS :

“Free 90 min. Emergency Skype Session”

FREE 90 Min Emergency Skype Session, aside from all the other sessions included in the program. You can use your Emergency Skype session during the program or after the program as a Follow up session.

Invest in Yourself!

This is an investment in yourself, your transformation and your dreams. I have integrated all my knowledge, experience, skills, insights and secrets to create this program for you. I did it because I believe that if all of us find love and abundance in our relationship the world will change forever. It will change to a much better and beautiful place to live. 


             To join the program & discuss the details with Lana click the button below.


What My Clients Are Saying:


I met Lana on one of her Holotropic Breathwork sessions she was facilitating while living in Santa Cruz. I felt connected to her right away. I knew there was something special about her.  My intuition was telling me she was a beautiful soul and I felt I could trust her.

Later on, when I was going through a really hard time in my relationship and life, I discovered Lana’s coaching program. She helps women to grow, understand  themselves better, overcome personal and relationship challenges and also discover and activate their life purpose.

When I started working with Lana I was going through a very hard period of my life. I broke up with my husband that I still loved and it crashed me. I was lost, confused, depressed and didn’t believe in myself.  I am still working with Lana and so glad I have her in my life. She is a great support for me. 

When I look back I feel proud of myself seeing the progress and personal growth I have accomplished.

I learned so much about my own boundaries, how to set them up and keep them firm in my relationships. I started to practice Law of attraction and found out that it really works!!!! I discovered my own feminine power and started to live form that place.

I used to have challenges with my communication skills and often overreacted when I was emotionally triggered. It was pretty damaging for my relationship. It created lots of drama. Lana helped me to develop new skills, master my emotions and communicate with clarity and compassion. She provided me with daily practices and kept me accountable. 

I stopped repeating the same mistakes and started to feel in charge of my own life.  All these changes make me feel so proud, strong and happy. 

It is not easy but totally possible when you really commit to yourself every day.

Now I trust myself more and follow my own intuition. I know what I want in my relationship and life and what is not acceptable for me.

If you go through life and relationship challenges I recommend working with Lana. You will learn so much about yourself, challenge and transform yourself in the way you always wanted to be. It is so hard to change our patterns. Lana help you with it. She will guide and support you until you stop following your old patterns. 

When you think you fail Lana will stay with and support you no matter what. She told me: 

“Do you know how many times a child falls down before they learn to walk ?” :)

Nadia Forgac, San Francisco, California


“Don’t even think twice about working with Lana. Lana is a true POWERHOUSE. Lana is a true LEADER. Lana can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE beyond what you have ever thought possible. 

Lana has extraordinary GIFTS, TALENTS, KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCES. I have worked with Lana when I was at my lowest low. I have worked with Lana when my relationship was in turmoil, when I seriously doubted if I was in the right relationship with the right partner or if I even wanted to keep fighting for my dream life, my dream relationship and my dream business/cause/mission.


During that time, Lana was right there by my side to support me and give me STRENGTH, give me CONFIDENCE, give me COURAGE. Lana helped me see my own gifts, talents and she was willing to invest in me when no one else wanted to. I owe lots of my success in my intimate relationship & my business today to this EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN who saw in me what I was blind to SEE myself, ADMIT to myself and what I was willing to give up because of the HUGE CHALLENGES & SETBACKS that I have experienced. 

Ladies, please DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR and work with Lana if the most important thing in your life is to find and sustain a TRUE, GENUINE, PASSIONATE LOVE. As when you experience that for the first time in your life, every area of your life will get completely transformed and you will start living like you have never lived before. 

Now, every day of my life I feel loved, cherished and truly valued not only by my life partner but also by ALL my business clients. Today, I am attracting so many clients and money to myself that sometimes I feel like I am dreaming. And Lana was the catalyst for that transformation. Somehow, I always knew that I had that inside me but with Lana’s help, support, recognition and LOVE I was able to unlock some absolutely unexpected gifts, experience an absolutely life transforming MUTUAL LOVE with a man and build the business of my dreams. 
I wish you all the same. You can have it all. Everything that you need to do is to take the next step. Go work with Lana and come thank me later for helping you make this decision.” 

— Iva Georgieva, Brand Strategist and Business Coach, Indiana


"Yet again, Life reminded me that I am not alone on my path. There is no accident in having certain people showing up in my life just in time to help me... To fight my battles, to overcome my challenges, to face my fears, to rise from the ashes with my head up high and to regain my power - the Power that is Mine, by The Great Design. For me, Lana is one of those people. She is able to create safe, trusting and comfortable atmosphere in the "working zone" of our sessions. It is amazingly liberating to take all the masks off and speak the Truth! With her gentle and firm guidance I found myself again. Lana built an exquisite program for women who seek the true happiness in relationships with their partners and themselves! The major work is happening during the "homework". Every module reminds me of a map with the route to the right answer. After all, we know all the answers, we just tend to "reason" and "justify" choices that go against our true nature. Then, during the sessions, we are able to go deeper into the subject of interest, and analyze the results of my inner work. Gradually I went from a state of complete devastation and bewilderment to the state of full presence and awareness. I know who am I, I know where am I going, I know what do I want, and I know how to get it. I feel like a newly polished multifaceted diamond! Life is Good! Thank you, Lana Elco"

- Svitlana Kline, Artist & Author, Atlanta, Georgia

“Work with Lana, it WILL transform your life.

I reached out to Lana after seeing one of her videos online at a rather desperate time in my life. I had just gotten out of a very damaging relationship and was feeling utterly devastated. I was reeling from the shock of his betrayals and consumed with pain, regret and self-blame. I still felt very strongly attached to my ex and couldn’t imagine how I was going to get over him and move on with my life but I knew I had to find a way. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and after a discover call with Lana I knew I had to work with her. 

My journey with Lana has been nothing short of transformational! She introduced me to concepts like emotional wisdom, toxic relationship patterns, healthy boundaries and agreements, self-care and innate worth and challenged me to see myself and my relationships clearly for the first time. Lana works on an energetic level, delving deep into the psyche and subconscious mind and uncovers beliefs and limiting patterns that you didn’t even know you had. It is very powerful work and it really worked for me. 

But the best thing about this work has been Lana! She is an authentic, passionate, inspiring woman who is committed to helping women to step into their highest potential. She offers insightful, non-judgemental, empowering support and connection that is precious in our world. Lana focuses on relationships with men, but this work impacts your whole life. It goes right to your very being. Every session brings new revelations and insights and challenges you to grow and transform to become your highest self.

When I look back to 5 months ago, I am amazed at how far I have come. I understand myself so much better now and I know what I want and what I need in relationships to be happy. Lana brought me to a place of inner peace and self-worth that I have never felt before. She gave me tools to manage myself and my emotions in a healthy way and to love and care for myself above all else. I now listen to my intuition, I know what my truth is, and I feel empowered to create a life and a relationship that is true to mySELF and honors my values, needs and beliefs.” 

— Phili R., Health Care Professional, UK


"Lana’s greatest gift is in empowering others to trust themselves, to heal, and to grow beyond what they thought they were capable of. I love that she doesn’t try to fix anyone’s problems herself, she just helps them gain the tools they need to help themselves.

In our Private One Day Intensive, even Lana’s listening was powerful. She let me say whatever I needed to verbalize, all the while never judging or trying to put a label on anything. When I needed her to speak, she said such simple but powerful truths. She opened my eyes to my own experience in a way I’d never been able to see it before. Lana is a wonderful collaborator for anyone serious about discovering their own potential. I truly believe in Lana’s sincerity, passion, and ability."

- Miriam Card, Entrepreneur, Salt Lake City, Utah


"Lana has the most beautiful energy and knowledge that has taken me forward beyond my dreams. She is a High Priestess in my world that sees my blind spots and gently pushes me forward.

She has encourages me to follow my heart and helped me make courageous decisions that have opened up my love life and helped me become even happier."

- Lisa Magdalena, Psychotherapist, UK


Amy Burrell

Artist & Massage Therapist 

Bloomington, Indiana



  To join the program & discuss the details with Lana click the button below.


My soul purpose is helping women discover and own their feminine power & fulfill all their desires about relationship & love. 


I know this program works and I absolutely believe in its transformational power. The only requirement for you is to show up fully and do your work! 

You have to be absolutely committed to your transformation and follow “no excuse” policy. You can’t skip steps or dismiss the tasks. Be your own guarantor. If you do the work I am confident to guide you to your goals and desires. 

I will be with you, guiding you on your journey but I can’t do the work for you. I can show you a massive shortcut.  You'll take an action.

I want to be absolutely transparent and honest with you here. So I’d like to clarify who this program is for and who this program is not for.


This program is for You if:

  • You are absolutely committed to your transformation and ready to invest ENERGY, TIME & MONEY in this program and our work together.

  • You are ready to take 100% responsibility for your life and relationships.

  • You believe that you deserve the best and make our work together on of your highest priorities.

  • You believe that the highest level of coaching work has more value than any material wealth such as a car, a house, expensive trips, luxurious hotels, diamonds and fancy clothes. Because you know that activating your power will bring your experiential and material abundance in all areas of your life. You know you can create it yourself once you are empowered.

  • You agree to follow all the steps with the designed sequence without skipping any material, exercises or practices.

  • You choose to be honest with yourself and feel ready to step out of your comfort zone

  • You are ready to step into your Feminine power

  • You are receptive, coachable and open to learn new things.

  • You avoid complaining and blaming and are ready to do your own work.

  • You believe in a higher power of the Universe and consider yourself spiritual.

  • You show up on time for your sessions and follow all our agreements.


This Program is NOT for you if:

  • You are NOT ready to invest TIME, ENERGY & MONEY in YOURSELF and NOT committed to your transformation.

  • You don't believe that the highest level of coaching has more value than material things.

  • You prefer to complain and blame others or external circumstances for not being happy and fulfilled in your life and relationships and are not ready to take full responsibility for yourself.

  • You skip the steps or avoid certain tasks and practices provided by this program

  • You have other multiple priorities in your life right now so you can’t focus on your work

  • You are not ready to be honest with yourself or step out of your comfort zone

  • You are not coachable, receptive and open to change.

  • You are skeptical and don’t believe in a higher power of the Universe

  • You do not follow our agreements and do not show up for your sessions

I absolutely believe in this program and my life passion to help as many women as possible to transform their relationships, find their life partners and live their highest potential in LOVE.

I offer the highest level of coaching that is available right now…. I am not shy to claim it because I hear it from my clients all the time. 

Besides attracting the right men and creating lasting loving relationships many of my clients also manifest more material wealth & improve other areas of their life as a side effect of working with me. 

I teach my clients to Create so called Energetic Luxury. Once you have this quality in your energy it will be manifested into external reality through any kind of possible experience or form.


So yes, I invite you to look at this program as

  • A Life Time Investment in YOURSELF and your transformation,

  • Being 100% committed to invest necessary amount of energy, time and money into yourself so you can create a radical change within a short period of time and move to a new high vibrational timeline of your own life.

  • To see our work together as a partnership where each partner does everything possible to make the transformation happen.

My Coaching Approach

I work on the energetic level. Talking therapy and coaching is not enough because we simply can’t talk about something we are not aware of. I use different tools and modalities to access subconscious material, blind spots, energetic blockages to assist and accelerate your transformation. I often use deeper states of consciousness (expanded states) to work with my clients.  My approach is holistic and operates on 4 fundamental levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I also use practical situational approach to rewrite your life & relationship story.

It is difficult to underestimate the value of this program because both your Power and your Relationships are central in your life. What else can be more important than that?


Love is a priority & the leading force of our human life.

If you are ready to come along with me on this journey and adventure, then I am excited to begin exploring it with you! We’re going to have a great time together with much fulfillment.

Please, join me NOW! Let’s get you ready for the quantum leap and get the results that you want.

3 Month Transformational Program - Love Unlimited


Feminine Empowerment & Relationship Coaching Program


To start this program, discuss the details or explore different payment options, schedule a FREE private call with Lana. You can ask questions & find out if this program is right for you!




How long does it take to go through the program?

Practice shows it takes form 4-6 months to accomplish this program. Some Modules require more time and work than others and need additional sessions. It is important to be in consistent flow of transformational work.

Do we always need to follow the curriculum and complete the Modules before each sessions?

No. In our work together we follow YOUR ENERGY and YOUR PROCESS. A lot of additional work can show up for you. Be ready to get surprised and learn more about yourself and your soul. Some Modules will require more time and energy. You can take your time…

What if I need more support after finishing this program?

You can choose to continue working together or invest in 12 months Premium program right away and massively save on your investment.

Can we discuss a different payment plan?

Yes, absolutely.

I love your work, Lana, and I REALLY want to join this program but I don’t have money. How can I make it happen?

My absolute belief is that money always available for our deepest desires and biggest dreams. I helped some of my clients to find or/and manifest money before. I can help you too. Let’s schedule a private call. 

I have been doing therapy for years but I still feel stuck. How is this program different from therapy?

Transformational Coaching is very different from therapy. You can read more about who this program is for. My approach is focused on energy, emotional mastery, Feminine Empowerment. To create a transformation you need to claim your passionate desire to transform, take 100% responsibility for your life, show up and work on yourself consistently.

Can I try a session with you before committing to 3 months program? 

I don’t work on session - to- session level because I don’t believe you can create a true transformation after one session. However I offer 3 hour Intensive with 1 hour Follow up session if you’d like to explore working together. This Intensive can initiate your transformation. You can decide to continue working with me after that and your money and time investment will be counted for 3 months program.