Luxury Destination Intensive


My Luxury Destination Intensive is for women who believe they deserve the best.

Did you know that quantum leaps and radical transformation happen in the moment?

Many of us spend years and years trying to find our true path and change our life patterns but keep falling back into the same way of reacting and behaving, attracting the same frustrating situations into our life and make the same mistakes in choosing partners and building the relationships.

The true secret about transformation is that it happens within a very short period of time. Sometimes hours and minutes can bring a gigantic and rapid shift within our psyche after long years of frustrating attempts to breakthrough.

Transformational breakthrough experiences can happen very fast and manifest through immediate insights, profound realizations and unexpected revelations.

Transformational breakthrough experiences can be activated by life circumstances when we are forced to step out of our comfort zone with no other choice. This experience can be really challenging and painful. 

We can experience a spontaneous transformation through major life changes happening out of our control. In this situation we feel like we have no choice and the only thing we can do is to surrender and pray.


Another way to manifest a transformational change is through our conscious choice. When we finally MAKE A STRONG CONSCIOUS DECISION that we are not going to live the same way no matter what, we finally shift our energy towards a breakthrough experience.

Usually there are two types of situations when the Universe responds to our Call and miraculously creates synchronicity to save us from damage and disaster.

The first type is spontaneous, driven my external circumstances and usually totally out of our control. This is when we say that “things happened to us”. We feel helpless, vulnerable and powerless. It feels like we do not have a choice. We surrender and pray. And we are being miraculously rescued by some benevolent and divine force. Have you ever experienced that?

Despite our resistance and fears life pushes us through challenges towards transformation and inevitable change. After being miraculously rescued we can feel tremendous relief, liberation and overwhelming gratitude. This type of situations is powerful and spiritual by nature. 


The second type of transformational situations are generated by our conscious choice when we finally DECIDE that we are not going to live our life the same way no matter what. When our intention is strong and relentless, the Universe provides us with abundant support and clear guidance towards a necessary breakthrough. 

The Universal Laws operate based on freedom of choice. We are given multiple opportunities to transform our life and release limiting beliefs. If we are not taking advantage of those opportunities and keep ignoring them, life can force us to go through inevitable radical change caused by "external circumstances".

I experienced both types of situations in my life... And to be completely honest with you, I truly prefer the second one and enjoy the process of mastering my own life. 

We, women, are the creators. We can create and manifest anything that already exists in our imagination and our wildest dreams. We just need to activate this innate capacity and keep practicing it on regular basis.

It is the same as using your muscles when you work out. If you stop practicing your muscles get weak and do not function well.

I kindly invite you to have a look of what you really desire to change in your life and take a full responsibility for it by making the right decisions. You don’t need years and years of trying and suffering to find your inner truth and fulfill your dreams. There are secret shortcuts and pathways to what you are looking for. These secrets can only be activated from within when you make the unbreakable decision to transform. 


You might ask me: But how do I do this? 

The answer is that you don’t need to do it alone.


I know how powerful you are and how much you have already achieved in your life! Your efforts and hard work brought you to the place where you feel you can navigate this world and be “ok” with it.

But what if you can go beyond it? What if you can arrive to the place of unconditional Feminine power, fulfillment and receive the abundance of true Love inside and outside of you. What if you can activate your innate ability to literally CREATE your soulmate and then MEET him in a physical reality promptly?

Sound like magic? 

Yes, it is magic. And you are the Magician.


I’d like to remind you how precious you are and how important your desires are as a woman. We've been brought up to believe that we have to do everything by ourselves and to push hard to get what we want.

It is NOT TRUE, my dear. 

I strongly believe that every woman deserves to RECEIVE as much support as she needs in her life. Our Feminine power activates when we are open to RECEIVING. 

By allowing yourself to receive support you can immediately activate your Magnetic Feminine Power and start manifesting what you dream about.

You don’t need to struggle, fight or push hard to get what you want. That is a masculine strategy and you already know how to do that.


You can try something different. You can try connecting with the wisdom of Receiving states. This wisdom is so ancient and almost forgotten that it seems to be new and innovative. 

In a bigger scale and speaking the language of Universal energies, by opening yourself up to receiving you create an energetic impulse and send into the Universe. The man who is meant to be with you registers your impulse like an energetic invitation and activates his masculine power of giving. 


By activating your Feminine Power you help men to activate their Masculine power on the energetic level. Those men will be drawn to you promptly, including the one you choose to call your soulmate.

By sinking deeper into RECEIVING STATES you re-activate the universal cycle of energy and assisting to restore the balance between feminine and masculine within our human civilization.

I invite you, dear, to take a deep look inside yourself and receive the right answers to all your questions. 

The only right time to RECEIVE support is in the “NOW” moment. The answer always arrives in the “NOW”.

 We, women, do not need to wait any longer to discover our truth. Activate our power and receive all the support and love that we already so deserve.


I created this Breakthrough Intensive to give you maximum support through a shorter time period than the full immersion program, that is still effective and highly beneficial. I invite you to use my secret shortcut pathway to manifest everything that your warm beautiful heart desires. The man who is meant to be your soulmate is waiting for your energetic invitation. He had enough of pain and suffering going through life challenges and the labyrinth of frustrating relationships. He is waiting for your energetic call to take an action. He is ready whenever you are ready.

And I am here to be in service to your magnificence and magic.


               The Content of the Day

  • Creating a plan of what you would like to focus and work on during the Intensive

  • Reconnecting with your deepest heart’s desires, bringing them to your full awareness and creating a powerful intention to fulfill them in every day life.

  • Building the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. “Visiting” the place of highest expression and fulfillment.

  • Identifying fears, blockages and limiting beliefs to clear your path and start fulfilling your desires NOW.

  • Discovering your Feminine Power, unapologetic self-acceptance and grounded confidence. Receiving states of consciousness.

  • Exploring “In LOVE” and “FREE” states of consciousness

  • Connecting with your Inner Masculine and experiencing the energy of your soulmate through visualization and imagination

  • Energetic and emotional fulfillment of your true heart’s desires: experiential practices and exercises to “visit” a place where your desires are manifested.

  • Learning about the power of manifestation: combination of intention and surrender.

  • Growing in your faith. Learning to trust the manifestation process consistently in your every day life. Emotional release techniques to support your high vibrational states of consciousness so you do not experience frequent ups and downs in your life.

  • Self- Love & Self care tips

  • Integration and Grounding, Closing Ritual


Schedule of the Intensive


9:00 - 9.30am - Arriving, settling, coffee/tea, breakfast. Setting up the intention and making a plan of the day.

9.30am - 1:00pm - Coaching Intensive

1:00 - 2:00pm - Lunch. We can still continue the process related conversation during the lunch

2:00 - 5.30pm - Coaching Intensive

3:30 - 3:45pm - Tea Break

3:45 - 5:30pm - Coaching Intensive

5:30 - 6:00pm - Wrapping up, creating an action plan, closing ritual

6:00 -7:00pm - Dinner



What is included?


    •    Brief Soul Package for you to fill in so I can get to know you before our session

    •    1 hour - introductory Skype Soul meeting

    •    10 hour Intensive in person

    •    1 hour Follow-Up Integration session via Skype or Phone

  • Delicious Lunch, Dinner, Tea & Snacks

    •    1 month email support

    •    Gifts & Bonuses such as free videos, audios, articles, guided meditations, etc.

  • Mega Bonus:

    One Extra Day of Healing Adventure with Lana & Adam. Plan a weekend: 1 Day of Deep Transformational Work & 1 Day of Healing Adventure ( skiing, snowboarding, climbing, mountaineering or hiking…) The type of adventure depends on the chosen location.

    Let the Adventure Begin…

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Your Investment is $3000


 Or schedule a private call with Lana to discuss the details and start planning your trip.