Meet Lana

The Beginning…

Starting from my early childhood I could see the invisible and understand the language of the universal energy.


Energy is behind all material things and it’s in constant movement.

At the beginning I thought everybody could see it.  

After trying to share what I could see with others, I felt shut down and hurt to find out that they did not share the same experience. I decided to never share again. It took me a couple of decades to open up to the world again, rediscover my gift and step into my power.

A girl in a white dress


When I was a little girl I strongly felt I had to hide from people and did not want to be seen. I witnessed how people interact with each other and felt really sad about it.


I could see how fears and doubts hold people back from being authentic and speak their truth.

I could see how the abundant flow of love and empathy was blocked by heavy judgments, prejudice and cultural limitations.

Deep inside my young heart I dreamt of becoming a Love angel and deliver my message to everyone with with the permission to love and be loved unlimitedly. 

I imagined myself flying back and forth between two people who are secretly in love with each other but afraid to express their feelings.

A little angel would whisper in their ear. They would listen… Then they would dare to do something brave and let their love story begin.

I wanted to whisper:

“Dare to love! It is not a shame to love! It is a shame to hide and suppress your love! It is a shame to never give it a chance to start!”

The little girl was wondering why people are ashamed to love and express their love.

It must be vice versa.

They must be proud of their Love and let it be fully expressed.


Years of Solitude & Transformational Skydiving Experience

The environment where I grew up was very inauthentic and hypocritical. It was a Post-Soviet time in Ukraine. The system of values was changing in a very chaotic and messy way.

I felt lonely and isolated. I felt I was born in the wrong place and time.

I have been hiding for years until I started to realize that it does not really bring me fulfillment and happiness.

I was drawn to skydiving, and had a very powerful spiritual experience during the free fall.

My skydiving community was the first social environment where I felt I could belong.

Skydiving basically saved my life and helped me to reconnect with people again.

I finally decided to stop hiding and dive into a real life.

Success, Soul Nostalgia & Awakening Call

       In my late 20’s I had everything I wanted in my life except fulfilling love relationship. I had a very successful business, lots of great friends. I was involved in exciting activities, and traveled around the world.

But there was a deep longing in my heart that something was still missing. Something so important and so beautiful… Something that used to belong to me for eternity and was accidentally lost.

I felt there was a greater wholeness available somewhere in the Universe. But I could not reach it… Because everything I could see around was not even comparable with what I felt inside.

I realized that instead of giving up to“normal", I can experience an extraordinary, unique, cosmic expression of Love

It was not just my fantasy. I was quite an achiever and was ready to do everything possible to get myself to the place where I can find it.

I just did not know where that place was…

      I felt helpless and lonely in my cosmic nostalgia and almost gave up on myself. I got into “OK” relationship with the man who was not right for me.

Then, just when I was about to give up on my dream love life… Things suddenly changed.

I was always connected to the energy of my soulmate. I knew this energy. I could feel it inside.

One day I got an awakening call…

I got a message that my dream was REAL. And moreover, I am the one who is RESPONSIBLE to manifest it into life.

My life has never been the same again since my first awakening call…


I have been going through uncertainty and a lot of obstacles to find what I was looking for.

I found abundance of LOVE inside and outside me.

Today I live with my daughter and my partner in California, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

And you know what? I feel it is just the beginning of my incredible life story… There is so much more to come.

Living My Life Purpose


There is a higher purpose of life than just my own… I do believe in interconnectedness of all within the Universe. I do believe in wholeness and sharing the planet with each other. I feel responsible for what is going on in the world, and intend to do my part for this planetary evolution.

My strong belief is that LOVE can completely heal all of us and that LOVE in its all manifestations can transform the planet.

Relationships between women and men are based on LOVE.

If all of us had LOVE relationships with our soulmates, our planet would immediately transform to a much better place. NO DOUBT!

My passion is helping women to activate their feminine power, live their highest potential in love & build fulfilling love relationship with their partners.

I have been working with couples in cross-cultural relationship for more than 7 years. Many of them created happy families and have kids now.

I have been working with many women who wanted to heal their wounds in relationships with men and find their true Love.

I am here to assist building a bridge of understanding between Feminine and Masculine through empowerment and trust.

My favorite thing is to see two people finding each other in this huge turbulent world and growing their Love relationship together.

I KNOW magnetic power of LOVE and how great it can be.

I know how LOVE energy can pull two people together from different parts of the world.

LOVE does the impossible and creates miracles all over the planet.  

By surrendering to LOVE we can grow in our Divine power, activate our highest potential and co-create incredible life together with our beloved ones.

Background, Education & Trainings

Lana has a Master degree in Social Sciences, MA in Business Management.


She studied Transpersonal Psychology and spent 2 years in GTT (Grof Transpersonal Training) to become a certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. When she moved to California she also became a certified yoga teacher.
She has been working with cross cultural couples on their relationships for about 7 years. She was also trained in NVC (Non Violent Communication), Tribal Technology, Zegg Psychodrama, Communication Skills for Intimate Relationships, etc. She studied Tantra and intimacy.

Regular spiritual practices: Meditation, Movement and Dance, Yoga, Art Projects and Creative Writing (Journaling), Breathwork, Climbing, connection with nature, creating intimate spaces.

Lana has always been an entrepreneur and enjoyed to explore her highest potential in life and love.

She lives in the Redwood forest, near Santa Cruz, California and believes in the healing power of nature.