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Feminine Empowerment & Leadership

Premium Program


This Program is designed for women who have already done a lot of inner transformational work and want to accelerate their growth as an Empowered Woman - the Queen. This journey will guide you to discover your unique gifts and step into Feminine leadership in different areas of your life.

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You will learn to embody your Feminine power and consistently stay in your Queenhood no matter what is going on in your life.

Queenhood journey is all about your unconditional Feminine Power that cannot be taken away from you. It is a deep psycho-spiritual journey with the focus of your internal experience while growing as a powerful Queen that makes a difference in your family, community and the world.

We are at the crucial time of the human history when thousands of empowered women step up into their leadership and facilitate the transition of the entire civilization to the new level of consciousness and living.


If Royal Feminine Leadership is calling you, this program is for YOU!

We are not talking about masculine, power hungry, greedy queens who mimmic the old patriarchal system. Their time is over.

We are talking about benevolent, compassionate, wise and loving Queens who want to serve LIFE and create new ways of living and relating.


This Journey Is For Uou If :

  • You understand the concept of oneness and interconnectedness of all things in life and in the world,

  • You want to live your Soul Purpose without holding back,

  • You want to get clear on your GIFT and how to share it with others,

  • You want to make a difference and create an impact,

  • You want your KING who matches your power to support you on your path,

  • You want to master Feminine Power and Intimate Leadership,

  • You want to create a lifestyle that matches the energy of Queen,

  • You want to have access to unlimited resources and opportunities,

  • You are passionate about wellbeing of this planet, people around you and serving LIFE,

  • If you are compassionate and desire to ease the pain of those who suffer ( including yourself and those ones in relationships with you) and see yourself as an important part of the collective,

  • If you want to be able to communicate your deepest truth with clarity and power.


If you are drawn to this program and this work, YOU ARE THE ONE!



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Welcome Packet

Let me get to know you on a deeper level before we start our journey. This is a guided journaling practice that allow you to connect with yourself, open up and share insightful information about yourself and your soul.

Preparation Packet

This Packet will help you properly prepare for your Queenhood journey. This material will support to create space and time for your Queenhood Journey, manage your energy, prioritize, declutter and simplify your life.

24 Workbook Modules

Module 1

“The Royal Vision of your Path: Discovering Gifts”


In this module, we’ll allow your Royal Vision to become clear and intentional. While staying in the highest vibration of your Inner Queenhood, you’ll start seeing what is possible for you to create in this lifetime and what your unique gifts are. Your Royal Vision will embrace ALL areas of your life: your relationships with self and others, your lifestyle, your Royal service to the world, your career/business, your creativity and self expression, motherhood and exploration.

Module 2

“Discovering Your Innate Worth & Royal Dignity”


Here, you’ll be invited to deepen your journey of self-discovery and self-exploration. We’ll regress back to your initial birth and create a bondage with your innate worth. It is extremely important experience will help you to feel empowered consistently and strongly.

Every person in born to activate enormous soul potential through the physical and energetic experience in this lifetime. Your potential is like a fetus with explosive power of expressions. The seed already possesses all qualities of the mature tree. The power of the seed is already REAL.

Your innate worth is the power of your soul seed. You already possess the full value of your unloved potential. In this infinite Universe your soul potential will find the way to express itself through infinite amount of lifetimes, timelines and realities. That means you do have an enormous innate worth, no matter whether you live it now or not. This Module will help you release the necessity of competition, proving your value and social approval.

Module 3

“Claiming your Inner Freedom”


In this Module you’ll continue your journey of self-discovery and exploration. You’ll be guided to liberate yourself from social and cultural conditioning and limitations. You’ll go through the process of spiritual and emotional inventory allowing you to become aware of your true personal values.

At the end of this module you’ll be able to identify what is your pure unconditional truth free of any cultural or social influence. We’ll go through different areas and aspects of your life and create a crystal clarity of what you choose to believe and how you desire to act in life/relationships based on your REAL soul values.

This Module will help you to energetically detach form what others think is possible for you. So you will give yourself permission to create out-of-box life. You’ll feel empowered to drop all the “should’s” and live from the place of your own desires, values and creativity.

Like first human being in space, you’ll feel free to explore what others believe is impossible. Inner Freedom is an absolute MUST to live your soul purpose.

Module 4

“Surrender: The Mysterious Paradox”


The biggest secret of the Royal is accessing the power of Surrender. It might sound like contra intuitive at beginning. In human history kings and queens always fought to win, not to surrender. It is an absolute truth on the human level.

Once you fully embody your Queenhood you will never choose to surrender to somebody’s else will. Your internal guidance will be constantly activated and you will be connected to your own inner truth. At the same time when we access a new level of consciousness the Queen becomes aware of a different quality of Surrender. It is energetic phenomena that reflects your harmonious relationship with the Universal Laws. When you are activated and present with yourself your receiving channels are constantly open. Your are energetically open system and constantly supported by the Higher Consciousness. Royal Surrender represents your unbreakable trust to the Universe. It is fundamental for your Royal power, confidence and manifestation. In this Module you’ll learn how to surrender the royal way.

Module 5

“Unconditional Power of the Feminine”


In this Module you’ll discover what it means to be in your full unconditional Feminine power. Unconditional and full doesn’t mean perfect. Vice versa. Owning your mistakes, fears, blind spots and projections is the other side of your true Feminine Power.

The Shadow of the Queen is as powerful as her Light. It integrates your wisdom, spirituality and awareness of your human imperfections. You’ll embrace the beauty of vulnerability, raw honesty and dignity of the Shadow. Your desire to grow empowers you to accept and love fragmented and unhealed parts of yourself. Your intention to face your Shadow empowers you to claim your wholeness. Your radical honesty with yourself and your courage to see yourself through the veils of confusion allows you to become a REAL QUEEN in this physical body. This Module will help you living yourself unconditionally, though good times and bad times, through the stormy clouds of your feminine emotions.

Module 6

Honoring Cycles, Rhythms & Energy Levels


Fully embrace the meaning and power of your cycles & rhythms. The Universe is cyclic just like our Feminine body. There are natural cycles on this planet and far beyond it. A woman is created to sense and connect with the cycles of nature and the Universe itself.

Everything you feel and sense through your body and emotions is not just about you but about the entire Universe. The Western Society still functions based on purely a masculine paradigm: linear time, performance, achievements, etc. Being a woman is challenging under these circumstances. Being a Queen means honoring your own senses, cycles, emotional states and rhythms. You can question everything that doesn’t feel good to you. You can create your own schedule and routine and succeed even more than ever. The Queen can allow herself to rest when everyone is working and work when she is inspired. The Queen is allowed to break the rules and follow her own instincts. Remember, it helps you to grow faster, not slower. Knowing and understanding your cycles is a huge advantage and a shortcut to success even in this patriarchal world.

Module 7

“Royal Boundaries”


In this Module you’ll learn how Royal boundaries work. Royal boundaries do have their own unique qualities and require a certain level of mastery at all levels. Being a Queen takes 100% responsibility for yourself and your kingdom.

It is extremely important to gain crystal clarity about your “Yes” and your “No” and have the skills to communicate it. There is no confusion or doubt about Queen’s boundaries. Internally they feel good, flexible and well fit. The Queen doesn’t apologize for her boundaries and doesn’t have a need to explain herself. She doesn’t need to prove anybody that her boundaries are valid. Externally her boundaries are being perceived as firm, fair, clear, graceful and confident. People energetically gravitate to her because her boundaries feel attractive.

Module 8

“Your Renewable Unlimited Resources”


The Queen never experiences scarcity. She is internally abundant. She knows she has an access to the unlimited resources. She knows the difference between external circumstances and her internal access to the resources.

She is familiar with how energy works. She is a great manifestor. It means she can always find her way out of the most difficult external situations. She chooses to never give in to circumstances and can turn an unfortunate event into an advantage to grow and create. The Queen can’t be deceived by the illusion of societal scarcity and premature fears. She doesn’t worry about her future. She knows she mastered life on the level of the Universal Laws. So human limitations and societal anxiety doesn’t really affect her. She is abundant when it comes to money, time and opportunities.

Module 9

“Lifestyle of the Queen: Energetic Luxury”


In this Module you’ll design the lifestyle of the Queen. Queen live her Life on her own terms. She doesn’t ask for permission to act on her desires. She knows the difference between confidence and arrogance. She understands that arrogance and entitlement...

are qualities of emotional and spiritual co-dependency. She never feels arrogant because she doesn’t compare herself with others. She doesn’t need to prove anybody wrong. She is highly compassionate and loving because she has walked the path of healing herself. She remembers the pain and suffering. Her desire is to share and co-create more freedom and love. She allows herself to live in luxury whatever it means for her. She never feels guilty. She knows that the Universe is infinitely abundant. She knows we are meant to create beauty at all levels, including a physical form. She creates her Royal Lifestyle from the place of unlimited resourcefulness. She is eager to share and give. Her resources never get dry. She enjoys herself and all pleasures of life unapologetically. She doesn’t need to prove that she deserves all of it.

Module 10

“Your Inner Royal Team”


In this Module you’ll get acquainted with your Royal team. Of course, the Queen is not meant to be alone. She has inexpensive team of supporters and helpers. This is an exciting journey of meeting each member of your Royal team.

You’ll be guided to explore a lot of experiential and creative practices that will help you understand the roles and qualities of each team member. We all have different aspects and parts of our personality. Many of them can create a big deal of conflict inside of us. This is how we get caught in endless internal struggles. It causes anxiety, doubts and frequent attacks of fear. When you get to know different parts of your personalties and accept them the way they are this is when you create a highly functional effective team that supports and helps the Queen. Each team member should be assigned to do only specific type of work that reflects their gifts and strengths. Metaphorically, if you ask a fish to fly you’d be always frustrated and annoyed. The Queen masters her team and loves every team member for who they really are.

Module 11

“The Rituals of Discernment”


In this Module you’ll experience in-depth exploration of Discernment work. While the majority still dwells in confusion and illusion, you have done enough inner work to discern the energies around you and their origins.

You’d be introduced to practices and rituals to discern what is truly yours and what is not yours. You’ll go deep and see what truly belongs to your heart and your path and what comes form outside. You will learn to use powerful psycho-spiritual tools to emotionally and energetically detach from what is not truly yours and then effectively evaluate the situations, its origins and its players. You will not longer hold on to bitter and heavy feelings that have nothing to do with you and will find compassion for those ones who create a great deal of suffering around them. By separating and protecting your energy you will be able to stay intact even in the most difficult and stressful situations. You’ll be able to role model wisdom and grace for those ones who are still learning to navigate their emotions and own their triggers. You will also learn powerful rituals of how to disconnect from the energies that you have accidentally taken in, release emotional burden and relax into forgiveness. You’ll learn how to protect your energetic body form harmful influence while you staying open to receive positive loving energy.

Module 12

“Parenting your Princess”


This Module is all about your Royal Inner Child work. If you have done inner child work before you can deepen this practice and be more available for your inner child. However this time you will go even deeper and feel more honored and responsible.

Raising a Royal Child adds the responsibility and requires profound wisdom. The idea of connecting with your inner child knowing that she is born to be a Queen requires a higher level of awareness and trust. Imagine you have a child who is meant to be the Queen. You receive a prophecy about her future big role in this world. Would you parenting change? Would you pay more attention to how she shows up in the world and how she perceives life. You are so wise already. But she brings a new level of knowledge and a great change. She has a beautiful soul purpose. So you nurture your gifts and provide her with the best conditions supporting her gifts. This is how you can love and support your Royal Inner Child.

Module 13

“Embracing wholeness:

Balancing your Feminine & Masculine energy”


In this Module you’ll work on balancing your Feminine and Masculine energy. Every human being has both Feminine and Masculine energies within. Depending on cultural environment, conditions of life, social norms, historical time and personal qualities.

Each individual seeks balance between these two polarities to create fulfilled and happy life. In relationships with men we activate our Feminine so we can keep the balance in relationships and allow our partner to explore his own empowered masculinity. However in other areas of life we can utilize our masculine energy and benefit from it. You already have active relationship between your inner Feminine and Inner Masculine. Let’s dive deeper and discover how to sustain harmony and equilibrium between them.

Module 14

“Seeing the Invisible & the Matrix of the Collective”


This Module is dedicated to see and read the energy of people, situations, upcoming events and the collective itself. Seeing the Invisible also includes receiving and understanding your intuitive guidance. We all have intuition but only a few of us understand how to actually navigate our intuitive perception. The practices in this Module will help you release the control and embrace the beauty of of pure perception. You will practice to trust your intuitive guidance without a need to have a solid plan or know all the steps. You will confidently follow your next step without questioning what it means rationally. You’ll learn to trust the Higher Consciousness without asking for a rational explanation of your mind. You’ll also learn how the energy of the collective affects you and the others and how to minimize its negative influence. You’ll discover that the Universal Laws are higher than human and will practice to utilize them. This training is also a great support for your emotional intelligence work. You’ll trust the language of your emotions and will be able to better understand their origins. You won’t charge yourself for feeling in certain way but instead you’ll utilize all the value of your emotional process. It will also help you understand the emotional processes of other people around you. Once you master this chapter you’ll often hear: “You know me better than I know myself.”

Module 15

“Language without words”


This Module is all about energetic communication between you and your loved ones. It is a scientifically proven fact that only 7% of our daily communication is verbal. The rest is non-verbal, energetic. Energetic communication is complex and has different forms of expression. It starts with more obvious expressions such as body language, facial expression, tone of voice, volume of the sound, non verbal sounds and expands to the level of emotional transactions, mental influence, psycho-spiritual exchange, soul language, intuitive communication. The Queen masters her own energy and expressions. She is very conscious and aware what she expresses and how. She can sense subtle changes in any energetic exchange. She can read people’s energy and then track the origins of that energy. She connects the points through accessing her intuition and integrating her rational mind. The Queen doesn’t judge. She is always curious. Her interest is to connect with equal consciousness. When that is not available her presence and communication style is compassionate, inspiring and empowering. She wants others to grow to her level of interaction.

Module 16

“Relationship with your King:

Stepping into Intimate Leadership”


Her relationship with her King is fundamental. Though she is whole inside, she is eager to explore the soul connection and intimacy with her soul man. The Universe always gives her an opportunity to match her power with the Empowered Masculine.

She understands that her own growth is directly connected to his growth. She knows why she chose her King and she knows how to grow together with him. Every challenge is a door to a new level of understanding each other and deepening their intimacy. She understands the difference between Feminine and Masculine psyche and body. She knows how to guide him into a deeper level of intimacy and provide emotional safety. She has infinite patience and love for her King. She understands that intimacy and emotions are her area of expertise. She guides him deeper and deeper so he can always feel her invisible loving hand. She knows a huge difference between loving guidance, empowerment VS. Manipulation and control. In this Module you’ll be guided to develop Intimate leadership skills and empower your man as well as open up to receive from him on a deeper level.

Module 17

“Tantric Path to Intimacy”


In This Module you’ll be shown what is possible for you in the area of sexual life and intimacy at all levels. You’ll be offered powerful experiential tools to explore connection, presence, physical touch, emotional exchange, breath, and expanded states of consciousness. You’ll learn tantric practices and energy intensifying techniques. You’ll learn how to charge your intimate communication with passion, excitement, pleasure and ecstasy. You’ll be guided to learn of how to ask for what you want without embarrassment and awkwardness. You’ll explore a deeper level of receiving and long lasting intensity and learn how to create sacred intimate space for yourself and your King - the Sanctuary.

Module 18

“Mother Queen: Becoming a Royal Parent”


This Module is all about your desire to become a mother and how to prepare yourself for Royal Parenting in this physical life. Even if you already have children this Module will help you to become more present, loving, confident and connected parent.

The Mother Queen is as powerful with her royal children as in her other relationships. She understands how important is to be 100% present when she is in her mother’s role. You’ll explore some universal and specific challenges of parenting and how you choose to handle them in your own unique and authentic way. Relationships with children are different than with adults. It is important to know that they subconsciously read the energy without having any rational understanding. Children are also very open energetically. That is why even minor childhood wounds can be life changing. This is the time when a human being develops their COEX. If we embrace this mystery of life and give them all our love, compassion and support they will transform the human race eventually.

Module 19

“Royal Family”


This Module is all about Family and its challenges. This is an amazing opportunity to actually create your own new model of Royal family. There are lots of “shoulds” and “have to’s” when it comes to family values and family life.

There is also a great deal of pressure and judgements from our original families and the society. The Queen knows she has choice to create something new and much more powerful than she has ever seen in outside world. While challenged by multitasking and responsibilities, she still chooses to always take her time and be 100% present with her family. She knows what and how she can share things with family members and can connected with each person on the deep intimate individual level. She steps out of feminist and traditional paradigm and creates her own way of being a mother, partner and lover. You’ll be guided to learn how to overcome confusion, conflict of roles and paradoxes of family life so you can feel authentic, real and excited.

Module 20

“Creating an Impact of Love”


In this Module you’ll learn how to use intimate leadership skills in other relationships, career, business, friendships and service work. We normally judge others for being different than us especially if their actions and words don’t make sense to us.

In previous Modules you’ll learn to see and understand the Invisible so you’d be prepared to see subconscious motivation of people’s behaviors and the origins of their emotions. It will tremendously help with all your relationships because you will see that most people live in great suffering and confusion. You’d be able to respond to them with love, compassion while staying in your power and integrity. You’ll also learn to accept people without have judgments or confrontation even before you arrive to understanding and clarity about their personalities and challenges.

Module 21

“Growing your Kingdom”


In this Module we’ll work on giving yourself permission to be influential. When you come from the place of love and compassion and respect free will of others you’ll influence a lot of people around you. You’ll become a powerful leader on multiple levels.

This is what means to be a Queen. People will gravitate to your wisdom and caring presence. They will want your advice and support. They will want your guidance. There are thousands of ways you can choose to follow with your leadership. In this Module you’ll have an opportunity to focus on your Feminine Leadership and identify what exactly it means for you, who you want to lead and what you desire to co-create with the people you lead. It can apply to different areas of your life and can open doors to design your service work to the world in a bigger way.

Module 22

“Manifesting your Highest Vision:

Integrating your Gifts”


In this Module you’ll be guided to gain clarity on your biggest and deepest soul purpose. What are you meant to create? What kind of change you are bringing into the world? What kind of specific unique gifts you are bringing in this lifetime?

What is your unique role that ONLY YOU are meant to play? This is a life changing step that can give you the deepest fulfillment and accomplishment in this lifetime. Once you know your specific unique gift you won’t compete with others anymore. Because nobody can do the same as you can. This Module will also prepare you for your final Module “The Legacy of the Queen”.

Module 23

“Shine among the Stars”


In this Module we’ll focus on your relationships with other empowered women and growing supportive community together. On your path to Queenhood you’ll meet other queens who are meant to lead in the world and possibly collaborate with you.

Once you are confident about your gifts, your role and your power you will no longer be intimidated by other empowered women. Moreover you’ll crave their company. They will be your empowered circle of support and feedback. To step up to this level of relationships and co-creation you’ll need to learn how to shine among the stars and completely drop jealousy, comparison and a necessity to compete. As a powerful Queen your greatest desire will be to live among other empowered women and men. This is a new level of exploration and discovery that our civilization hasn’t experienced yet. The Empowered Feminine is making this possible.

Module 24

“Legacy of the Queen”


This Module is a final review of your journey to Queenhood. It is time to integrate this knowledge and experience into every single day of your life. Your intention to consistently feel and show up as a Queen will transform your life, relationships and lives of...

...people around you. It doesn’t mean you won’t have any challenges or blind spots anymore. It means that you’ll know all the available resources and will be able to always utilize them and find the most powerful integral solutions. This Module will help you to become more aware about your challenges and the areas that are not covered by your gifts so you can receive support, guidance and choose to delegate certain things to others. This Module is a psycho-spiritual inventory of your lessons, insights, breakthroughs, challenges and mistakes. I invite you to face it with open heart and open mind so you continue growing in your Queenhood.

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You Will Receive:

  • 36 ninety minutes private one-on-one Video sessions with Lana

  • Initial Kick-Start 3 Hour Intensive on Skype or Zoom

  • 24 Modules with integrated workbooks with in-depth guided journaling, psycho-spiritual practices, exercises, meditations and rituals.

  • One Day Luxury Destination Intensive with Lana in person ( 8 Hours can be used as separate Skype/Zoom sessions as well).


Extra Bonuses:

  • Free access to ALL Lana’s group workshops ( for local clients or the ones who love to travel and grow).

  • Free access to ALL Lana’s online trainings & video classes.

  • 12 months email access to Lana with an expected response within 48 hours.

  • My personal phone number in case you want to text me if there is an emotional emergency.

    Pay in FULL BONUS Perks:

  • 2 ninety minutes Emergency video sessions with Lana.

  • Access to Lana’s Empowered Women’s Community to meet other Empowered Women and make lifetime friendships all over the world. ( Lana can personally introduce you to specific women you want to meet from different countries).


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The Empowered Women Community & Their Experiences

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“Lana is beautiful inside and out. I had met Lana at a business function, she did a speech at, and I fell in love with her message. Fast forward a year later and I was in the middle of getting divorced and a facebook message came across to listen to a webinar. After I watched her webinar I knew in my gut that I needed to work with her. I wanted to figure out how to be the best version of me to show up in every aspect of my life, from my health coaching business, to being a mother, and one day a wife.

I have worked with a therapist before, but Lana took me to a new level. Every week I met and spoke with Lana she gave me valuable insight and tools to help me in my life. I learned how to fully trust myself and my intuition, I have gained confidence and clarity in my life, I have learned to follow my desires and give myself permission to not live in the “shoulds.”

With Lana’s help I feel like I have stepped into my feminine power and am so grateful for her and her beautiful soul.

I have had numerous friends and family comment on how happy I look and act. I cannot recommend Lana enough and I recommend her to all my friends. “
— Elicia Simon, Health Coach, Ogden, Utah
Yet again, Life reminded me that I am not alone on my path. There is no accident in having certain people showing up in my life just in time to help me... To fight my battles, to overcome my challenges, to face my fears, to rise from the ashes with my head up high and to regain my power - the Power that is Mine, by The Great Design. For me, Lana is one of those people. She is able to create safe, trusting and comfortable atmosphere in the “working zone” of our sessions. It is amazingly liberating to take all the masks off and speak the Truth! With her gentle and firm guidance I found myself again. Lana built an exquisite program for women who seek the true happiness in relationships with their partners and themselves! The major work is happening during the “homework”. Every module reminds me of a map with the route to the right answer. After all, we know all the answers, we just tend to “reason” and “justify” choices that go against our true nature. Then, during the sessions, we are able to go deeper into the subject of interest, and analyze the results of my inner work. Gradually I went from a state of complete devastation and bewilderment to the state of full presence and awareness. I know who am I, I know where am I going, I know what do I want, and I know how to get it. I feel like a newly polished multifaceted diamond! Life is Good! Thank you, Lana Elco.
— Svitlana Kline, Artist & Teacher, Atlanta, Georgia
I met Lana on one of her Holotropic Breathwork sessions she was facilitating while living in Santa Cruz. I felt connected to her right away. I knew there was something special about her. My intuition was telling me she was a beautiful soul and I felt I could trust her. Later on, when I was going through a really hard time in my relationship and life, I discovered Lana’s coaching program. She helps women to grow, understand themselves better, overcome personal and relationship challenges and also discover and activate their life purpose.

When I started working with Lana I was going through a very hard period of my life. I broke up with my husband that I still loved and it crashed me. I was lost, confused, depressed and didn’t believe in myself. I am still working with Lana and so glad I have her in my life. She is a great support for me. When I look back I feel proud of myself seeing the progress and personal growth I have accomplished.

I learned so much about my own boundaries, how to set them up and keep them firm in my relationships. I started to practice Law of attraction and found out that it really works !!!! I discovered my own feminine power and started to live form that place. I used to have challenges with my communication skills and often overreacted when I was emotionally triggered. It was pretty damaging for my relationship. It created lots of drama. Lana helped me to develop new skills, master my emotions and communicate with clarity and compassion. She provided me with daily practices and kept me accountable. I stopped repeating the same mistakes and started to feel in charge of my own life. All these changes make me feel so proud, strong and happy.

It is not easy but totally possible when you really commit to yourself every day. Now I trust myself more and follow my own intuition. I know what I want in my relationship and life and what is not acceptable for me. If you go through life and relationship challenges I recommend working with Lana. You will learn so much about yourself, challenge and transform yourself in the way you always wanted to be. It is so hard to change our patterns. Lana help you with it. She will guide and support you until you stop following your old patterns.

When you think you fail Lana will stay with and support you no matter what.
She told me: “Do you know how many times a child falls down before they learn to walk ?”
— Nadia Forgac, Catering & Restaurants, San Fransisco, CA
Lana is a genuine, powerful old soul. Our paths crossed at the most random places. I knew I needed her. I have always been in traditional therapy. But I stopped going because the main stream just did not get where I was or what I saw.

I needed someone who was nonjudgmental, yet someone who could help me see and guide me on my journey of becoming a more beautiful me. She has helped me in a short time to see and understand who I really am. I see things in myself I didn’t know was in me. I learned how to trust my intuition. I have learned how to navigate the ups and downs in life. She helped me to find a place of peace and calm inside myself. If you are willing to challenge yourself, hear caring words of honesty.

Trust in Lana to guide you through transforming yourself into a journey of continuous growth. Lana is not traditional... no other “life coach” out there is on her level... she is simply the real deal!
— Ivy Brown, Real Estate, Draper. UT
I decided to work with Lana because I wanted to transform the quality of all my relationships. Even though I had a very successful career and education, I was struggling to maintain my relationships with family and coworkers. I was also struggling to find a lasting intimate relationship. Lana had been a long-time and after experiencing the end of yet another intimate relationship and struggling in my relationships with coworkers, I finally decided to try Lana’s program. I have been working with her for six months and have already experienced multiple transformative benefits. I am in a new job where my relationships with coworkers are very inspiring. My relationship with my family has never been better and I am finally considering moving closer to them and becoming an active part of my larger family. Finally, I have been able to come to terms with the end of my last intimate relationship and feel confident in moving forward. I have recognized a lot of my beliefs and life patterns which were not working for me in the past and kept me stuck; I now trust myself and my intuition and feel empowered to navigate my emotions and make good decisions regarding all my relationships. I have begun to experience life at a level deeper than just practical means and have never before experienced such enriched relationships. After my work with Lana, I have realized how much I have missed out on life by not leaning into my closest relationships but I am excited to move forward from an empowered place. I would highly recommend Lana’s services to anyone who is struggling to enrich their relationships, whether it is with coworkers, family, friends, or with their significant other. Lana’s works is very deep and intense. If you are willing to open up and question your beliefs and paradigms, you will experience a very positive transformation and you will feel empowered to attract the results you want in all areas of your relationships.
— Reema Prasad, Engineer, Santa Cruz, CA
Don’t even think twice about working with Lana. Lana is a true POWERHOUSE. Lana is a true LEADER. Lana can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE beyond what you have ever thought possible.

Lana has extraordinary GIFTS, TALENTS, KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCES. I have worked with Lana when I was at my lowest low. I have worked with Lana when my relationship was in turmoil, when I seriously doubted if I was in the right relationship with the right partner or if I even wanted to keep fighting for my dream life, my dream relationship and my dream business/cause/mission.

During that time, Lana was right there by my side to support me and give me STRENGTH, give me CONFIDENCE, give me COURAGE. Lana helped me see my own gifts, talents and she was willing to invest in me when no one else wanted to. I owe lots of my success in my intimate relationship & my business today to this EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN who saw in me what I was blind to SEE myself, ADMIT to myself and what I was willing to give up because of the HUGE CHALLENGES & SETBACKS that I have experienced.

Ladies, please DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR and work with Lana if the most important thing in your life is to find and sustain a TRUE, GENUINE, PASSIONATE LOVE. As when you experience that for the first time in your life, every area of your life will get completely transformed and you will start living like you have never lived before.

Now, every day of my life I feel loved, cherished and truly valued not only by my life partner but also by ALL my business clients. Today, I am attracting so many clients and money to myself that sometimes I feel like I am dreaming. And Lana was the catalyst for that transformation. Somehow, I always knew that I had that inside me but with Lana’s help, support, recognition and LOVE I was able to unlock some absolutely unexpected gifts, experience an absolutely life transforming MUTUAL LOVE with a man and build the business of my dreams.
I wish you all the same. You can have it all. Everything that you need to do is to take the next step. Go work with Lana and come thank me later for helping you make this decision.
— Iva Georgieva, Brand Strategist, Carmel, IN
I came across Lana’s work on IG and decided to get in touch with her as I felt I could benefit from her approach and expertise. Being driven and ambitious by nature, I achieve the goals that I set for myself through persistence, discipline, perseverance, regular action and that go-getter energy has been my success fuel over the last few years. Being very well connected with this energy, which is very much masculine, I had disconnected from my feminine energy and, through her work, Lana helped me reconnect with that creative, joyful, loving part of me that I wasn’t tapping into frequently enough . Lana has a natural ability to connect with people and the techniques she shared with me have been of great benefit. My biggest learning while working with Lana has been that you could have it all, you do not need to be either / or - you could blend the masculine and the feminine energy within you in such a beautiful and empowering way so that you can achieve your greatest aspirations and dreams - in a way that feels authentic to you. Femininity to me is exactly that - authenticity. Thank you Lana.
— Kristina Todorova, Success & Business Coach, London, GB
When I started working with Lana, I felt stuck in my life. I knew what I wanted my life to look like but I was in a near constant state of panic, not knowing how to move forward. I was so concerned about how my choices would affect those around me that I couldn’t see a way out of living a life that wasn’t my own. The first gift Lana gave to me was that she truly sought to understand me and see me, deep down into my soul. This was so important to me because I had been scared for so long for others around me to truly know the feelings of my heart. Lana helped me see the power I have always had within me to make positive change in my life and spread love to those around me. She opened my heart to see my gifts with clarity and how I can use those gifts to transform my world to be the one I had envisioned. She also fortified my spirit to be able to have the courage to act on my intuition and do what I knew to be right for me. Working with Lana has brought about the change I was so desperate for and I am so grateful that I found her. I’m excited to continue seeing her to open even more doors that I thought may always be shut for me.❤
— Heidi Nybo, Art Workshops, Salt Lake City, UT

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