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Irresistible You: The point of No Return

Red Flags in Dating & Relationships

Why do you need to stop winning in your relationships?

Discover your Inner Masculine = Manifest Your Soulmate

How to sustain passion and love with your life partner?

Your Relationship with Men & Money

Your Innate Worth

Are You Ready to go to the next level? I am!

Sustainable Relationships*

We are NOT victims of external circumstances.

healing & empowerment for conscious women*


build healthy relationships with self, men & others through trust

Relationship Advice for bright, independent and ambitious women who want to find their match without lowering their standards or compromising. Feminine empowerment, receiving, living your highest potential in love.


My story on Valentines Day

How I manifested a boyfriend for Valentine's Day...

Why are you trying so hard but nothing changes? (energetic reasons of being stuck)

Are you tired to struggle and having no results? No matter how hard you try nothing ever changes. Maybe you are lonely and looking for a partner. Living in pain and resisting the pain at the same time. Feels like "no exit" situation, right? Here is why and how to find your way out. Tips of how to finally breakthrough and receive what you are looking for. 

How to get unstuck

How to get unstuck and feel gratitude and love again. We can't force ourselves to feel something. But we can navigate our emotions, perception and experience towards what feels good... The most simple tool can truly become a massive shortcut if we pay attention...


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