Toxic Relationship Patterns Module + Manifestation Training

Video Training Series + Transformational Module Package


  • Two 45-min TRP Training Videos

  • Transformational Module & Personal Workbook

  • 5 Day Manifestation Training to Manifest Your Equal Partner

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WHAT IS The toxic Relationship Patterns TRAINING?

We all have certain life and relationship patterns that we unconsciously re-play over and over again during our life. And it often feels like a curse and bad luck. But there are deeper reasons of why it happens and we are totally able to become aware of them and learn how to transform them. This training is based on the psycho-energetic approach and helps create an energetic shift in relationships instead of just talking about it. 

This Video Training, Module & Personal Workbook Will Help You:

  • Identify your own toxic relationship patterns

  • Become aware of where they come from and why you have them in your relationships

  • Create an energetic shift inside yourself so you stop attracting the wrong people and the same situations

  • Learn how to attract the right person who is able to build a loving & lasting relationship with you

  • Never allow Toxic Relationship Patterns to destroy your relationship again

  • Transform your Toxic Relationship Patterns into conscious & loving connection with your partner

  • Improve your communication skills and deepen your intimacy

  • + So Much More...

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WHAT IS The Manifestation Training About?

In my 5 Day Manifestation Training "Manifest Your Equal Partner" I will teach you my own approach of how to manifest what you want in your relationships.

This training is experiential, practical and offers real step-by-step guidance for your manifestation process. I provide exercises and practices for you to explore so you can master your manifestation skills.

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Feedback from Women Who Purchased The Training Package:

It is not easy but totally possible when you really commit to yourself every day. Now I trust myself more and follow my own intuition. I know what I want in my relationship and life and what is not acceptable for me. If you go through life and relationship challenges I recommend working with Lana. You will learn so much about yourself, challenge and transform yourself in the way you always wanted to be. It is so hard to change our patterns. Lana help you with it. She will guide and support you until you stop following your old patterns.
— Nadia Forgac, San-Fransciso, California
A couple of days ago, I had the privilege of speaking to Lana Elco, a life coach that has many insights about people and their behavior patterns. I first came across Lana when I purchased the toxic relationship pattern program. I grew up in dysfunction and of course I ended up repeating the dysfunction, and I noticed that these toxic relationships can be with anyone. They can be with your significant other, your children, your coworkers, or friends. These toxic relationships come from inside us and we tend to repeat the patterns with those around us. Anyone who knows me knows that I read tons of books. I have read so many books on relationships and life in general. I always knew the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over and continue to expect a different result. I knew that, and my question was always WHY? Why did I continue to follow those patterns, or why do I sometimes still follow those patterns? After I went through the module, did the exercises, watched the videos, and did the training I realized two very important things that my behavior patterns are fear based, and they stem from childhood. Ewww , having to look at my crazy childhood was not something I wanted to even remember, but I did and going through the knowledge I realized my recurring fear, my defensive reaction, and then the argument all stemmed from the traumatic experience of losing my mother at a young age. Losing her meant I had to build a wall, so no one will die or leave me. As a result, whenever I feel that fear I create chaos and I keep repeating the toxic patterns. I highly recommend Lana Elco toxic relationship patterns if you want to fix your current relationship, or if you want to stop repeating toxic patterns, or if you want to learn why you keep making the same mistake. Her program will help you see and understand where your dysfunction comes from and why you repeat the pattern.
— Erica Castro, Long Beach, California

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