Breath of remembrance


Saturday, July 14

5:00pm - 8:00pm


This is a 3 hour workshop using a powerful yet simple breathing technique that accesses deep layers of the subconscious to bring to awareness. 

- Remember your own truth untouched by cultural and social influences 

- Heal your old wounds

- Reveal your blind spots

- Receive your own authentic answers to the important questions

- Release energetic blockages 

- Process emotions,

-  Heal your relationships

-  Step into your power and reconnect with your Divine Self

and MUCH MORE...


Developing a regular practice of breathwork will help you to be in sync with life, express yourself through creativity and communication, feel more connected and present with your relationship. 


At the beginning we have an Introduction to breath work and an opening circle to connect with each other. Then we explore 1 hour or 3 hours of breathing ( I offer shorter and longer version now) with emotional and evocative music.


When we work in expanded states of consciousness sometimes the perception of time changes and 1-3 hours can feel like a much longer period of time..

At the end we will have a sharing circle and integration of the experience. 


Join us for a fascinating journey into the depth of your inner Universe!



Early Bird Registration ( before July 9)  $75

After July 9 - $85

Where: Copperton, Utah ( the address will be sent to you after registration)

Please, reserve more time ( an extra 30 min) in case group process will last longer... 

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CANCELLATION POLICY: No cancellation fee if you cancel 3 days before the date of the workshop. If you cancel later and there is no emergency your fee can be applied to another workshop. No refunds if you don't show up with no reason provided.


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