“Lana is beautiful inside and out. I had met Lana at a business function, she did a speech at, and I fell in love with her message. Fast forward a year later and I was in the middle of getting divorced and a facebook message came across to listen to a webinar. After I watched her webinar I knew in my gut that I needed to work with her. I wanted to figure out how to be the best version of me to show up in every aspect of my life, from my health coaching business, to being a mother, and one day a wife.

I have worked with a therapist before, but Lana took me to a new level. Every week I met and spoke with Lana she gave me valuable insight and tools to help me in my life. I learned how to fully trust myself and my intuition, I have gained confidence and clarity in my life, I have learned to follow my desires and give myself permission to not live in the “shoulds.”

With Lana’s help I feel like I have stepped into my feminine power and am so grateful for her and her beautiful soul.

I have had numerous friends and family comment on how happy I look and act. I cannot recommend Lana enough and I recommend her to all my friends. “
— Elicia Simon, Health Coach, Ogden, Utah
“Lana is a genuine, powerful old soul. Our paths crossed at the most random places. I knew I needed her. I have always been in traditional therapy. But I stopped going because the main stream just did not get where I was or what I saw.

I needed someone who was nonjudgmental, yet someone who could help me see and guide me on my journey of becoming a more beautiful me. She has helped me in a short time to see and understand who I really am. I see things in myself I didn’t know was in me. I learned how to trust my intuition. I have learned how to navigate the ups and downs in life. She helped me to find a place of peace and calm inside myself. If you are willing to challenge yourself, hear caring words of honesty.

Trust in Lana to guide you through transforming yourself into a journey of continuous growth. Lana is not traditional... no other “life coach” out there is on her level... she is simply the real deal!”
— Ivy Brown, Real Estate Professional, Utah, USA
“Lana started our session with a brief but powerful meditation that helped ground my thoughts and body before we began. She then listened to me and what was happening in my life as well as my concerns. From her deep listening she was able to ask all the right questions that allowed me to reflect on my situation differently. She shared some wisdom from her own life that directly applied and we had a good laugh. The whole session put me at ease and helped me see things that had previously been hidden for me. I would highly recommend her to anyone needed some grounded support in their lives.”
— Katherine Golden Warner, Therapist, Palo Alto, California
“I met Lana on one of her Holotropic Breathwork sessions she was facilitating while living in Santa Cruz. I felt connected to her right away. I knew there was something special about her. My intuition was telling me she was a beautiful soul and I felt I could trust her. Later on, when I was going through a really hard time in my relationship and life, I discovered Lana’s coaching program. She helps women to grow, understand themselves better, overcome personal and relationship challenges and also discover and activate their life purpose.

When I started working with Lana I was going through a very hard period of my life. I broke up with my husband that I still loved and it crashed me. I was lost, confused, depressed and didn’t believe in myself. I am still working with Lana and so glad I have her in my life. She is a great support for me. When I look back I feel proud of myself seeing the progress and personal growth I have accomplished.

I learned so much about my own boundaries, how to set them up and keep them firm in my relationships. I started to practice Law of attraction and found out that it really works !!!! I discovered my own feminine power and started to live form that place. I used to have challenges with my communication skills and often overreacted when I was emotionally triggered. It was pretty damaging for my relationship. It created lots of drama. Lana helped me to develop new skills, master my emotions and communicate with clarity and compassion. She provided me with daily practices and kept me accountable. I stopped repeating the same mistakes and started to feel in charge of my own life. All these changes make me feel so proud, strong and happy.

It is not easy but totally possible when you really commit to yourself every day. Now I trust myself more and follow my own intuition. I know what I want in my relationship and life and what is not acceptable for me. If you go through life and relationship challenges I recommend working with Lana. You will learn so much about yourself, challenge and transform yourself in the way you always wanted to be. It is so hard to change our patterns. Lana help you with it. She will guide and support you until you stop following your old patterns.

When you think you fail Lana will stay with and support you no matter what.
She told me: ‘Do you know how many times a child falls down before they learn to walk ?’ “
— Nadia Forgac, San Francisco, California
“I’m so thrilled to have met Lana. She constantly surprises and impresses me with the knowledge and skills she’s worked so passionately to acquire. But those skills wouldn’t be nearly as powerful without Lana’s inspired intuition. Lana’s greatest gift is in empowering others to trust themselves, to heal, and to grow beyond what they thought they were capable of. I love that she doesn’t try to fix anyone’s problems herself, she just helps them gain the tools they need to help themselves.

I’ve watched Lana come prepared to a group session only to realize quickly that what she’d prepared, while wonderful, wasn’t exactly what was needed by the group. Her intuition allowed her to quickly access other tools that were exactly what was needed. A group of people unsure of themselves and each other quickly became a group of friends who were ready to reach out of their comfort zones to face their struggles together. Lana holds a beautiful, peaceful, and safe space.

In our Private One Day Intensive, even Lana’s listening was powerful. She let me say whatever I needed to verbalize, all the while never judging or trying to put a label on anything. When I needed her to speak, she said such simple but powerful truths. She opened my eyes to my own experience in a way I’d never been able to see it before. Lana is a wonderful collaborator for anyone serious about discovering their own potential. I truly believe in Lana’s sincerity, passion, and ability.”
— - Miriam Card, - Entrepreneur, Salt Lake City, Utah
“Yet again, Life reminded me that I am not alone on my path. There is no accident in having certain people showing up in my life just in time to help me... To fight my battles, to overcome my challenges, to face my fears, to rise from the ashes with my head up high and to regain my power - the Power that is Mine, by The Great Design. For me, Lana is one of those people. She is able to create safe, trusting and comfortable atmosphere in the “working zone” of our sessions. It is amazingly liberating to take all the masks off and speak the Truth! With her gentle and firm guidance I found myself again. Lana built an exquisite program for women who seek the true happiness in relationships with their partners and themselves! The major work is happening during the “homework”. Every module reminds me of a map with the route to the right answer. After all, we know all the answers, we just tend to “reason” and “justify” choices that go against our true nature. Then, during the sessions, we are able to go deeper into the subject of interest, and analyze the results of my inner work. Gradually I went from a state of complete devastation and bewilderment to the state of full presence and awareness. I know who am I, I know where am I going, I know what do I want, and I know how to get it. I feel like a newly polished multifaceted diamond! Life is Good! Thank you, Lana Elco.”
— Svitlana Kline, Artist & Author, Atlanta, Georgia
Lana has the most beautiful energy and knowledge that has taken me forward beyond my dreams. She is a High Priestess in my world that sees my blind spots and gently pushes me forward. She has encourages me to follow my heart and helped me make courageous decisions that have opened up my love life and helped me become even happier. Thank you beautiful angel Lana.
— Lisa Magdalena, Modern Psychotherapist, UK
“I came across Lana’s work on IG and decided to get in touch with her as I felt I could benefit from her approach and expertise. Being driven and ambitious by nature, I achieve the goals that I set for myself through persistence, discipline, perseverance, regular action and that go-getter energy has been my success fuel over the last few years. Being very well connected with this energy, which is very much masculine, I had disconnected from my feminine energy and, through her work, Lana helped me reconnect with that creative, joyful, loving part of me that I wasn’t tapping into frequently enough . Lana has a natural ability to connect with people and the techniques she shared with me have been of great benefit. My biggest learning while working with Lana has been that you could have it all, you do not need to be either / or - you could blend the masculine and the feminine energy within you in such a beautiful and empowering way so that you can achieve your greatest aspirations and dreams - in a way that feels authentic to you. Femininity to me is exactly that - authenticity. Thank you Lana.”
— Kristina Todorova, Business Coach, London, UK
Kristina Todorova Testiomonial
Amy Burrell

— Artist & Massage Therapist, Bloomington, Indiana
Heidi Nybo
— Salt Lake City, Utah
“Work with Lana, it WILL transform your life.

I reached out to Lana after seeing one of her videos online at a rather desperate time in my life. I had just gotten out of a very damaging relationship and was feeling utterly devastated. I was reeling from the shock of his betrayals and consumed with pain, regret and self-blame. I still felt very strongly attached to my ex and couldn’t imagine how I was going to get over him and move on with my life but I knew I had to find a way. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears, and after a discover call with Lana I knew I had to work with her.

My journey with Lana has been nothing short of transformational! She introduced me to concepts like emotional wisdom, toxic relationship patterns, healthy boundaries and agreements, self-care and innate worth and challenged me to see myself and my relationships clearly for the first time. Lana works on an energetic level, delving deep into the psyche and subconscious mind and uncovers beliefs and limiting patterns that you didn’t even know you had. It is very powerful work and it really worked for me.

But the best thing about this work has been Lana! She is an authentic, passionate, inspiring woman who is committed to helping women to step into their highest potential. She offers insightful, non-judgemental, empowering support and connection that is precious in our world. Lana focuses on relationships with men, but this work impacts your whole life. It goes right to your very being. Every session brings new revelations and insights and challenges you to grow and transform to become your highest self.

When I look back to 5 months ago, I am amazed at how far I have come. I understand myself so much better now and I know what I want and what I need in relationships to be happy. Lana brought me to a place of inner peace and self-worth that I have never felt before. She gave me tools to manage myself and my emotions in a healthy way and to love and care for myself above all else. I now listen to my intuition, I know what my truth is, and I feel empowered to create a life and a relationship that is true to mySELF and honors my values, needs and beliefs.”
— Phili R., Health Care Professional, UK
“Yesterday I had the privilege of speaking to lana Elco an experienced life coach who has many insights about people and they’re behavioural patterns. I first came across lana on Facebook through a good friend of mine. I’ve had a life of ups and downs and challenges I’ had to face I struggled through life never happy with who I was. I’ve been through a lot. I was never a positive happy person and because of everything that happened to me I always attracted the wrong things in even the wrong people untill one of my friends good started helping me out so then I started working on myself doing things to better myself and be a positive happier person I’m getting better and better as time goes by she also told me about lana I can definitely recommend lana she’s a fantastic coach very supportive and a beautiful person inside and out I had such an amazing coaching session with lana I learnt so many things that will help me to be a better happier positive person. It was wonderful to speak to lana about how I’ve been feeling in my life letting it all out I feel like a weights been lifted of me. Thank you Lana for our coaching session and your support I enjoyed it very much.”
— Sonya Velardo, New South Wales, Australia
“Don’t even think twice about working with Lana. Lana is a true POWERHOUSE. Lana is a true LEADER. Lana can TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE beyond what you have ever thought possible.

Lana has extraordinary GIFTS, TALENTS, KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCES. I have worked with Lana when I was at my lowest low. I have worked with Lana when my relationship was in turmoil, when I seriously doubted if I was in the right relationship with the right partner or if I even wanted to keep fighting for my dream life, my dream relationship and my dream business/cause/mission.

During that time, Lana was right there by my side to support me and give me STRENGTH, give me CONFIDENCE, give me COURAGE. Lana helped me see my own gifts, talents and she was willing to invest in me when no one else wanted to. I owe lots of my success in my intimate relationship & my business today to this EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN who saw in me what I was blind to SEE myself, ADMIT to myself and what I was willing to give up because of the HUGE CHALLENGES & SETBACKS that I have experienced.

Ladies, please DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR and work with Lana if the most important thing in your life is to find and sustain a TRUE, GENUINE, PASSIONATE LOVE. As when you experience that for the first time in your life, every area of your life will get completely transformed and you will start living like you have never lived before.

Now, every day of my life I feel loved, cherished and truly valued not only by my life partner but also by ALL my business clients. Today, I am attracting so many clients and money to myself that sometimes I feel like I am dreaming. And Lana was the catalyst for that transformation. Somehow, I always knew that I had that inside me but with Lana’s help, support, recognition and LOVE I was able to unlock some absolutely unexpected gifts, experience an absolutely life transforming MUTUAL LOVE with a man and build the business of my dreams.
I wish you all the same. You can have it all. Everything that you need to do is to take the next step. Go work with Lana and come thank me later for helping you make this decision.”
— Iva Georgieva, Brand Strategist and Business Coach, Indiana
Iva Testimonial for Lana's Transformational Relationship Coaching
“I’ve known Lana for over three years now. Lana is a powerhouse of wisdom, strength, and commitment to healing. She is a remarkable woman with a capacity to understand, hold, and support each person’s transformation. I have experienced Lana’s expertise as a facilitator as well as a colleague, and she has been unfailingly present and effective, with profound insight into the feminine and masculine forces. She has an uncanny ability to lead people towards love and trust in their lives, and to resolve the obstacles of fear and self-doubt. I would highly recommend Lana as a guide for transformation.”
— Leeza Pachepsky, PhD, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator
“I met Lana two years ago and within this period of time I’ve become acquainted with her as a powerful coach and leader whose aim is to empower women to reach their highest potential. Lana provides great support for women going through any sort of relationship struggle – whether that struggle has to do with trust, confidence, fears, doubts, etc. She is warm, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. She is a fantastic listener who listens with her heart, reading between the lines of what is being said. She is patient, and her insights are always revelatory. If you are seeking clarity into any aspect of your relationship, reach out to Lana. She will help you navigate through any challenges and enable you to reach your highest potential.”
— Gabby C., Entrepreneur
Testimonial 4
“After working with Lana I had a greater awareness about the kind of relationship I want with a man. I trusted Lana with my vision of the connection I want because I know she is both confidential and professional. She is an excellent listener, compassionate and offered gentle guidance. I came away with a clearer idea of what I want, how to seek it and aligning my actions with my vision.”
— Karen Kefauver, Social Media Coach, Santa Cruz, California
“I decided to work with Lana because I wanted to transform the quality of all my relationships. Even though I had a very successful career and education, I was struggling to maintain my relationships with family and coworkers. I was also struggling to find a lasting intimate relationship. Lana had been a long-time and after experiencing the end of yet another intimate relationship and struggling in my relationships with coworkers, I finally decided to try Lana’s program. I have been working with her for six months and have already experienced multiple transformative benefits. I am in a new job where my relationships with coworkers are very inspiring. My relationship with my family has never been better and I am finally considering moving closer to them and becoming an active part of my larger family. Finally, I have been able to come to terms with the end of my last intimate relationship and feel confident in moving forward. I have recognized a lot of my beliefs and life patterns which were not working for me in the past and kept me stuck; I now trust myself and my intuition and feel empowered to navigate my emotions and make good decisions regarding all my relationships. I have begun to experience life at a level deeper than just practical means and have never before experienced such enriched relationships. After my work with Lana, I have realized how much I have missed out on life by not leaning into my closest relationships but I am excited to move forward from an empowered place. I would highly recommend Lana’s services to anyone who is struggling to enrich their relationships, whether it is with coworkers, family, friends, or with their significant other. Lana’s works is very deep and intense. If you are willing to open up and question your beliefs and paradigms, you will experience a very positive transformation and you will feel empowered to attract the results you want in all areas of your relationships.”
— Reema Prasad, Santa Cruz

“A couple of days ago, I had the privilege of speaking to Lana Elco, a life coach that has many insights about people and their behavior patterns. I first came across Lana when I purchased the toxic relationship pattern program. I grew up in dysfunction and of course I ended up repeating the dysfunction, and I noticed that these toxic relationships can be with anyone. They can be with your significant other, your children, your coworkers, or friends. These toxic relationships come from inside us and we tend to repeat the patterns with those around us. Anyone who knows me knows that I read tons of books. I have read so many books on relationships and life in general. I always knew the definition of insanity was to do the same thing over and over and continue to expect a different result. I knew that, and my question was always WHY? Why did I continue to follow those patterns, or why do I sometimes still follow those patterns?

After I went through the module, did the exercises, watched the videos, and did the training I realized two very important things that my behavior patterns are fear based, and they stem from childhood. Ewww , having to look at my crazy childhood was not something I wanted to even remember, but I did and going through the knowledge I realized my recurring fear, my defensive reaction, and then the argument all stemmed from the traumatic experience of losing my mother at a young age. Losing her meant I had to build a wall, so no one will die or leave me. As a result, whenever I feel that fear I create chaos and I keep repeating the toxic patterns. I highly recommend Lana Elco, Toxic Relationship Patterns program, if you want to fix your current relationship, or if you want to stop repeating toxic patterns, or if you want to learn why you keep making the same mistake. Her program will help you see and understand where your dysfunction comes from and why you repeat the pattern.”
— Erica Castro, Long Beach , California


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