Feminine Archetype & Relationship Pattern Quiz


Discover the hidden origins...

Of your relationship patterns through your Feminine Archetype. We have relationship patterns and usually attract the same kind of men because our energy represents a certain feminine archetype. 


Take this 5 minute quiz to discover what kind of woman you are and what kind of men you are attracting. Each Feminine Archetype is connected with certain relationship pattern which we, women, replay in our life over and over again.

Archetypes are fundamental and universal. None of them are good or bad. Each archetype has both light and dark sides. When we become aware of them we can transform our weakness into our power, our destructive side into creative and finally manifest the relationship we truly desire.

Be honest and answer the questions from the place of where you are right now vs. where you used to be or where you want to be. Don’t overthink it and go with the first intuitive response.

After you complete the quizyou will get an instant access to your results with valuable relationship tips.

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