Why Coaching?

Coaching is the second largest growing industry in the United States. Modern life becomes more and more demanding.  It requires more skills and awareness to keep up with the every day pace. Coaching Industry grows fast to cover the needs of the modern life style.


It is important to stay connected with our inner truth beyond all of this. Life of the modern woman is exciting and stressful at the same time. 

Technology provides freedom and flexibility but often takes away our presence in the moment. Western civilization keeps speeding up, making it more difficult to have free time in our lives. This challenge can be overcome through guidance, professional support and dedication.

The difference between coaching vs. therapy

Therapy is about processing, treatment, prescriptions, working with traumas and pathology.

Traditionally the therapeutic approach is slow, cautious and highly regulated. The dynamics of a therapeutic process is usually based on a patient/therapist role play where a therapist does not share their own story. Therapy is oriented to "cure" and move towards recovery.

Transformational coaching is for people who feel empowered to make their own decisions, work with challenging material with an intention to transform and make more radical and fast changes in their life.

Transformational Coaching works for people who want to see the truth about themselves, their limiting beliefs and choose to overcome all the obstacles to manifest their heart's desires.

A coach is usually open to share their own story with a client which creates transparency, trust and inspiration. 

Transformational Coaching is goal-oriented. The goal is to gain crystal clarity about your heart's true desires that will ultimately allow way for your dreams to come true.

My Coaching Style

The goal of my Transformational Coaching Programs is creating a breakthrough experience.

Whatever holds you back from living your highest potential is a target for breakthrough work which clears your path from any obstacles and blockages.

The truth is that everyone of us needs support while going through life changing breakthrough experiences.

Whether you are already in the process of transformation activated by life circumstances, or you feel stuck and want to break free from all your limitations, your experience can be so much more enjoyable, exciting and inspiring if you have the right support system & guidance.

Transformational coaching is meant to activate your breakthroughs, support you on the way and guide you toward your true heart's desire.

Transformation is all about getting fast results and experiencing quantum leaps in the Momentum. 

I help you to gain crystal clarity of what you really want and stay focused on your goals.
During my Transformational Coaching program you learn how to establish right boundaries to protect your inner space from any background noise:

  • Doubts and concerns of your busy mind
  • Influence of aggressive external environment
  • Deceptive social norms
  • Other people’s belief systems
  • Traumas of your own past experiences
  • Ongoing pain from recent emotional damage, etc.

Transformation requires crystal clarity, strong focus, commitment and total faith.

When you have a hard time trusting your own heart, I can help guide you in dropping your doubts and getting back to your path of transformation.

The core value of Transformational Coaching is that your truth is unique.

You are the only one who knows it.

The leading strategy of my coaching is to follow YOUR TRUTH and apply all the necessary tools to support YOUR PROCESS.

YOU ARE your own source of wisdom for discovering and activating your highest potential.

You are the only one who knows what you truly desire.

NOBODY can teach you that, and NOBODY has the right to tell you what is true for you.

Your Truth is sacred and central in our work together.

YOU ARE the one who will find the right answer to every question on your transformational journey. I will only guide you deeper inside yourself to find the right answers.

I work with women on their relationship challenges. But I strongly believe that every challenge starts inside of SELF.

We always start from going within and searching for the origins of the problem before we come out with a solution.

Transformational process is Divinely guided. We integrate a system of regular psycho-spiritual practices into our life such as meditation, journaling, visualization, prayer, breathing exercises, etc.

Believing in a Higher Power of the Universe helps us to access unlimited resources for our human growth, activating our highest potential and living our life purpose in a bigger way.

We all have our direct connection to the Source.

By staying in consistent alignment with our Divine connection we:

✦ Transform our habitual patterns ✦

✦ Access deeper layers of universal wisdom ✦

✦ Develop strong empathetic connection with people we know ✦




The challenge of a modern successful woman is to stay updated with a busy professional life while being connected to inner wisdom and enjoying the moment.





"How can I find time to sink deep inside to discover what my heart truly desires?"

"How can I relax into trusting & receiving without rushing & worrying about the next thing to do?"

"How do I feel about my Love life?"

"Do I feel I live my highest potential in Love?"

"Can I find time to discover my highest potential in Love?"

"Can I take a few hours per week to reflect on my true love desires & relationships

I would want to build with the right man?"

"Do I feel feminine & have trust that I will be taken care of when I rest and recharge my batteries?"

"Is there the right man for me WHO MATCHES MY POWER, and who will always be there for me?"


What is going on in your love life?

  • You are tired of being strong all the time, right?
  • You are tired of always being in the front, raw in the battle of life. You can break the walls to achieve your goals… No problem…You know how to be successful and take care of yourself. BUT YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE THE MAN!
  • At the end of the day, you feel unsatisfied and unsettled.
  • Something important is missing in your life. You feel it in your heart. But you still avoid looking inside and finding out why.
  • You have a secret dream to find a safe place where you can be accepted and loved without judgment or conditions.
  • You crave to sink deep and just relax into being and receiving.
  • You want to receive without rushing to pay back.
  • You want to be held in strong and warm arms of your beloved who is there for you, no matter what is going on in the world.
  • You dream about coming back home where you are protected, and don’t need to prove anything to anybody.
  • You want to be a woman who is playful, innocent, open and relaxed.


You want to experience something different because you remember something...

It is a memory of your ancient power and the energy of your feminine nature.

YOU REMEMBER the quality of the connection you used to have with the Empowered Masculine.

You are receiving a call to come back to the simplicity of life where there is enough time and space for true LOVE & PURE BEING.

I am meant to serve you Because I am YOU.

I know you. I’ve been where you are myself.

I spent years and years of my life searching for my true nature and path.

I wanted to become aware of what I really desire deep inside my heart. It took me a while to be where I am now and to be able to manifest my true desires into real life.

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If you feel an impulse to dive deeper into these questions and discover deeper layers of your inner truth


I believe in the power of synchronicity.

Once a discovery is made somewhere on the planet it starts to expand and build momentum like a snowball effect. It can be contagious because we are all looking to live in our true nature. 

If one walks a new path it creates an opportunity for others to also deepen that pathway then becoming a wide road.

Thousands of women all over the world are starting to awaken to their inner truth and step into their Divine Feminine power. So can you.

I am here to support you in the process of your Feminine empowerment.

My mission is to build a bridge between feminine and masculine from the place of LOVE, trust, authenticity, spiritual power and sensuality.

We, modern women, crave wholeness and connection with empowered masculine on different levels:

  • Spiritual connection
  • Emotional intimacy
  • Matching our power
  • Practical compatibility
  • Sharing desires and values
  • Sensuality and physical chemistry

I remember Asking mYself:

Is it possible to have it ALL?

Am I asking for too much?

Is it just a dream which will never come true?

There were times in my life when I was about to give up on my own dream about LOVE. There were times of doubt, despair and disbelief.

One day I chose to take a risk. I chose to take off my armor and leave “my safety belt” behind.

My transformation required to deactivate my old defense mechanisms and never use them again.

I stepped into the unknown to discover my true authentic path. I felt naked, unprotected, scared, uncomfortable… But I kept going… I wanted to experience Life the way it is.

The hardest thing for me was to be vulnerable and truly trust others. During my journey I discovered that MY VULNERABILITY IS ACTUALLY MY POWER.


Stepping beyond the comfort zone

opens up new horizons & makes

the impossible happen.


In my early 20's I never would have imagined that I could go so far on my journey. I could never imagine allowing myself to be so open, so vulnerable, so truthful as I am now. I never saw it as my power before. I used to believe it was a weakness. The depth of connection I can now explore in my relationship was unimaginable for me before. 

I keep learning to dive deeper into trust and discover new layers of intimacy. I can speak about my feelings without fear to be rejected and misunderstood. 


If somebody does not accept me for who I really am, I don’t feel responsible for their choice. 

I am here to love and be loved. 

Being vulnerable and honest can hurt sometimes but this is the only way to experience LOVE in its full expression without holding back. 


My Transformational Coaching Programs


Love Unlimited

3 month Transformational Relationship Coaching Program


  • Initial 2 hour Skype Intensive to start up, identify the area of our work together, focus on your goals and create a safe, trust-based space for your breakthrough experience.
  • 12 one hour Skype sessions with me over the course of 3 months
  • Welcome Packet for you to fill out so I can learn more about you, your story and your challenges to better serve you during the program. Welcome Packet can also help you to sink into the programand become more aware of the areas you want to work at.
  • Preparation Packet
  • Breakthrough workbooks integrated in each module to guide you in your transformational process, to assist your with your emotional challenges and provide a foundation for a deeper self-inquiry.
  • Meditations and exercises to help you develop a consistent psycho-spiritual practices, self-care and a support system.
  • Free gifts and bonuses such as new videos, articles, guided meditations, etc.
  • BONUS #1: Extra Module - “Toxic Patterns in Relationships and How to Transform Them”
  • BONUS #2: Emergency Skype Session


One Day Breakthrough Intensive

  • Brief Soul Package for you to fill in so I can get to know you before our session
  • 1 hour - introductory Skype Soul meeting
  • 9 hour Intensive in person
  • 1 hour Follow-Up Integration session via Skype or Phone
  • 1 month email support
  • Gifts & Bonuses

Two Hour Laser Intensive

Powerful one-on-one session with me to find out what holds you back from living your highest potential in love and life. We will focus on a specific problem in your relationship or personal life to discover what needs to be changed to unblock your energy, release emotional charge and discover your inner truth. I will assist you in finding a way to get unstuck, see your blind spots and move forward on your path.

  • Brief Soul Package for you to fill in so I can get to know you before our session
  • Two hour Intensive via Skype
  • 30 minute follow-up session
  • Two weeks of support via email


FREE Consultation With Lana

If you're not sure where to start or which program is right for you, I can help.  Let’s get on the phone & discover!


In This Free Discovery Session You Can...

  • Speak with me one-on-one
  • Ask any questions about my programs and how I can support you
  • Share your story, voice your challenges and clarify your goals
  • Receive my recommendations and tips of what might serve you the best in your current situation
  • Gain some insights about your next step
  • Find out whether we’re the right match to work together

No matter where you are on your life journey, I am excited to be there for you and guide you towards living your highest potential in Love and life. 


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